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It makes your heart beat a skip when your beloved finally says yes for your dream date. Romancing your beloved is one of the best things you can do on a date, and this begins with a perfect romantic set up. Sometimes, there are little things like a roman the romantic dinner set up that can spice up the romance in a couple. If you have decided to do something special for your partner but are out of ideas, we are here to help you. How about planning a romantic dinner for your date and wooing them with your charm? With the ideas that we have mentioned here, you can spend some quality time with your partner and with their heart. Also, Ellementry is here to assist you with everything you need.

Check out this compilation of 7 tea light holder setups for a romantic dinner for your next date-

  1. The Tent

Now, it doesn’t have to be in some abandoned land or somewhere in a forest. You can set up a romantic tent on your terrace as well. Tents are cozy and comfortable, and one of the best places to initiate a romantic date. You can set up a tent either in a room or on your terrace and lace it with charm lights. You can also decorate it with scented candles in cute tea light holders that you can get from Ellementry. You can pack your tent with cushions and comfy blankets. Chocolate milkshakes work better if your partner loves that.

  1. The Beach

Beaches are said to be perfect for romance, and we couldn’t agree more. Beaches are the perfect set up for a romantic dinner date if your partner is a beach person. The scenic waves and the arousing sunset is enough to set the mood. You can set up a table with dim lights or charm lights and scented candles in little tea holder sets and have a fancy meal altogether. You can also go for picnics with your partner at the beach. Ellementry has got this brilliant collection of decorative towels, charm lights, and tea light holders that can create magic on your date. If your partner loves seafood, it could be a theme romantic beach dinner.

  1. The Garden

A garden is a place where you can go for either a romantic date or a picnic with your beloved. It is a good idea for two reasons- it lets you experience a romantic date, and it is way too beautiful than it seems to be. You can set up a beautiful table with classy table cloth, string lights, hanging candles in charming tea light holders, and flowers. These lights will give you a glowing effect once the sun sets. A floral centerpiece is something that would romanticize the mood, and you can get one on Ellementry easily. For the meal, choose a light cuisine with a bottle of your finest wine. You can also opt for barbeque and cook your beloved their favorite grilled meal as it is one of the most romantic gestures ever. 

  1. The Restaurant

Whoever told you that you could not have a fancy but romantic dinner date at a restaurant, probably lied to you. For an exotic and romantic dinner date with your lover, you can plan a dinner in a good restaurant and ask for a private table. You can add your ideas to the dinner. Your perfect dinner date will require you to research a restaurant that lets you decorate your own dinner table with candles and lights. Use a small glass vase as a centerpiece with flowers of your beloved’s choice, charm lights, and scented candles too. With good food and a bottle of champagne, your dinner date is good to go. Also, ask the restaurant to play you some good romantic music to set the right mood. 

  1. Dine In Bed

What’s cozier and comfortable than your own bed? Probably nothing. From your breakfast to your dinner, you can plan everything right on your bed. The most romantic gesture is to serve your partner their favorite breakfast in bed and then a romantic dinner. What involves it depends on the kind of bed you have. If it’s a king-size bed, you have nothing to worry about. You can decorate your bed with flowers and petals, and if you have a bed shelf, you can place some classy candlesticks and tea light holders there with scented candles. Another option is to serve dinner on a beautiful tray with satin napkins. If you want to have dinner on a table, you can start your romantic date with wine on the bed. 

  1. The Balcony

The right temperature, fresh air, and a tender set up for a dreamy dinner in the balcony are the perfect ideas for a romantic date. You can easily arrange for a romantic evening in a balcony by setting up a table, and a chair or a couch would work too. You can arrange for string lights, potted plants, candlesticks, curtains, centerpieces, and scented candles in little tea light holders. It’s a bonus point if your balcony is on the top floor to give you a scenic view of the city. As the sun sets, the glowing lights will provide you with the perfect ambiance. For your meal, select a fancy cuisine as per your partner’s preference and a bottle of red wine. You can find scented wax jars on Ellementry that you can add in your setting.

  1. The Backyard

If you have a backyard, it will be the perfect choice for a nice barbeque dinner. If you are interested in a romantic evening with your partner, you can always go for a tender dinner set up, or a barbeque set up as per your convenience. Or you can also choose the backyard for a picnic with your beloved. Everything works best with a backyard. You can have a tranquil dinner in your own backyard by just placing a table and chairs, a nice meal, some string lights, scented candles, soft music, and the perfect atmosphere.

All in all, the best way to show your partner that you care is to take them out for a lovely night and spend your best evening with them. As per the items that you need, you can always check out Ellementry for our wax jars and tea light holders.

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