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Tea is one of the most cherished liquor all over the world. Some tea drinkers might go for the convenience of single-use teabags, but real tea lovers know that the most flavorful and fragrant tea comes in the form of loose-leaf tea buds. To properly brew a pot or a single cup of loose-leaf tea, you'll require a mesh tea strainer to catch the leaves as the tea steeps.

When it comes to buying tea strainers, you shouldn’t just buy the first one you see. There are a few things that you should take into rumination so that you can brew the perfect cup of tea with the perfect tea strainer.

Ellementry offers an appropriate option to brew your tea using our artistic handcrafted metal tea strainer. We believe tea strainer is a must when drinking loose tea, placed over the teacup to catch tea leaves, the best tea filters are not only functional but look significant. Buy tea strainers from Ellementry today.

See our picks of tea strainers to buy in 2020.

  • Silver brass tea strainer with handles

This handcrafted brass tea strainer is quite the beauty. It's quite handy and is designed with a convenient handle to get the task done swiftly. The magnificent silver lacquering makes it a collector's dearest. Ellementry believes a superior tea filter should be indented, like a small bowl, so that liquor won’t tumble over at all when pouring from a teapot.

The filter can be placed on most of the teapots or kettles. The base unit catches any falling tea drops after separating the tea strainer from the pot. Its time to give your hosting skills an uplift by serving your guests in style with these handcrafted silver brass tea strainer.

The brass filter not only looks great with its food-grade design, but its super-fine mesh is highly efficient at straining fine loose teas. Its wide brim makes it suitable to fit onto teacups with dimensions ranging 5.75 cm x 9 cm x 7.5 cm. The strainer is supposed to be adequately cleaned and dry it off with a piece of cloth or paper towel.

When you are looking for a tea strainer to buy, try to avoid flat or tiny-indented strainers since the tea will tumble out of the strainer and make a mess. The strainer seems like silver-plated, and with some weight, it adds an instant level of sophistication to any tea service.

This top-rated product is a favorite among tea lovers, kudos to its beautiful and unique design, quality construction, and excellent results.

  • Silver brass tea strainer

This brass tea strainer comes with a not so big handle, a perfect type for your daily tea routine. The fine mesh of the strainer keeps tea leaves from leaking into your drink. This product by Ellementry has a fundamental design, but they’ll get the job done without hurting your wallet.

Its sustainability is the key, as the strainer is made from brass which is resistant to rust and scratches. The brass strainer is prone to falling into more giant mugs and safe for all tea temperatures.

The strainer is mesh, so it'll do an excellent job of catching small tea leaves, and it's great for all kinds of tea and is well-constructed and durable, with holes small enough to prevent all but the smallest particles from getting through. If you like having tea, often this strainer might be the one for you.

Its maintenance is simple and can be taken care of because you never have to worry about what’s hiding inside all those nooks and crannies and Its’s high-quality of brass means it is resistant to both corrosion and stains. Just like the above strainer,  Dry it off with a piece of cloth or paper towel.

It is an ideal pick for the best tea strainer. It's aesthetic, with some weight, so it's not shoddy and enhances the appearance of your tea service. Placing the tea strainer on top of your teacup and using it to filter out the tea leaves from the teapot or any utensil is the right method. The product is crafted in such a way that it balances effortlessly on top of the teacup. Furthermore, the silver glaze gives it a royal look too.

What to Look for When Buying an ideal Tea Strainer

Maintenance and Care

Since the tea strainer will capture tea leaves, people look for one that’s easy to clean. The brass tea strainer by Ellementry likes a rinse with mild water, snug soap and a soft sponge. Dry it off with a piece of cloth or paper towel. Remember It’s not dishwasher friendly, so handle with care and loads of love.

Size of holes in the tea strainer

The smaller the holes, the fewer tea leaves will flow into your cup. It doesn’t matter if tiny bits of tea leaves fall through into the teacup, but if they do in large numbers, then get a mesh strainer instead of one with holes. The tea strainer by Ellementry helps to keep any debris out of your cup, with some allowing loose leaves to expand in hot water and deliver the most of the flavour.


Is the strainer long-lasting? Is it value for money? All these questions arise in every human head while buying a product. Unlike other metals, brass cannot be hardened by heating, and it works perfectly fine with hot liquids.

Ideal tea strainers are hard to find, especially which lasts longer. At Ellementry, you have a convenient option to look for a strainer that is sustainable and food-safe. The tea strainers are a must-have accessory for any avid tea drinker and the prettier, the better.

So, its time to replace your most-used tea strainer for one of these. Visit Ellementry today.

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