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In this every day busy life, we need to make up time for cleaning cutlery regularly. In that situation, how to deal when guests show up suddenly? The solution lies in disposable drinkware. In this case, no matter what several guests show up at your party, you will be able to serve them with drinks in paper cups and glasses. Even for picnics, these are like lifesavers. They are readily available and are low-maintenance. 

Websites like Ellementry provide several types of disposable drinkware at reasonable rates. The most important part is that these are portable items that can be carried in your bag anywhere- to the beach, to the games and many more. They are also available in several colours, thus bringing a festive mood to the event. The main reason behind its popularity is the convenience. After using, you can dispose of them in the garbage instead of hand-washing carefully and putting them inside again. Agreed these are not the best products for the environment, but a lot of good-quality disposable cups can be recycled after using once. 

Here are some of the tips to choose the best disposable drinkware for your next party:

  • Consider the budget- The most essential thing while arranging for a party is to stay within the budget. In any case, if you are already behind the budget and time, disposable glasses and cups are perfect. You can buy as many as you can to serve a considerable number of guests. However, make sure these are available at a reasonable rate. For such surety, you can visit Ellementry to get some amazing deals. 

  • Material- The disposable cups and glasses should be compatible to handle all types of beverages- hot or cold. Therefore, make sure that the quality of the materials with which the glasses are made is considerably high. This is strict to avoid any form of discrepancy in front of your guests during the party. Moreover, the better the material, the more chances it has of being recycled which shall be our next area of concern. 

  • Recycling- Since we know that these disposable glasses and cups are made of plastic or paper and contribute to increasing solid waste for the environment to a great extent, it is essential to purchasing such items that can be recycled after using once. It can be made into something new and most commercial sectors contribute a lot to dealing with these disposable glasses. However, if you wish to purchase these items, make sure that the universal sign for recycling is there on the products. This indicates that these can be used in several ways even after you are done with them, which can be a benefit to the environment. For trustworthy products in such cases, you can choose Ellementry.

  • Sustainable- There are some disposable glasses or cups that are solely made by the utilization of renewable sources. They are usually double-sided with poly paper and highly durable. Mostly in service areas, these types of disposable glasses are quite popular.

  • Flexibility- If the glass from which your guest is drinking, cracks, then there would be nothing more embarrassing than that. Therefore, always make sure to buy heavy-duty crack-resistant and flexible cups that come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. Usually, these are translucent, but for parties or catered events, you can buy colourful ones that would lift the mood. 

The various types of disposable cups that are prevalent in the market are:

  • Biodegradable items- These are the products that would also contribute to saving the environment as well as your party because they can be broken down into microscopic organisms such as bacteria, fungus, etc. This way, whatever has been taken from the ecosystem, is returned to it. Because it can be processed and disintegrated this easily, these are called “eco-friendly”. Compostable items decay and decompose without releasing any harmful toxins in the air. Therefore, this type is recommended for everyone. 

  • Poly-coated- These types of disposable glasses are usually preferred to have a fancy appearance as well as a durable material. They are coated in polyethene and have a smooth surface. For handling ice-cold as well as hot beverages, these are perfect. They have a sturdy frame and are more moisture-resistant compared to the other types.

  • Hard wall plastic cups- These disposable glasses have rigid walls and a heavy-duty appearance. They cannot be torn easily and thus, find their way in upscale parties. With a crystal-clear appearance, these cups go with absolutely every ambience and décor. In fact, with their glossy appearance, these are sure to give competition to traditional glassware. 

  • Foam Cups- If you are looking for affordable and lightweight disposable cups, these are perfect. These are usually white, but you can get customized or coloured ones according to your requirements. These are considered to be the best in the market, for serving cold and hot beverages. Its insulating property ensures durability and convenience. After using, these can also be recycled to make gift baskets for children in commercial spaces. Other than that, foam cups retain a better shape than thin-walled paper or plastic ones. 
  • Wax-coated paper cups- These are a special type of paper cups that offers a little more rigidity and prevent leaks or absorptions. The wax-coating is for extra insulation so that the liquid can retain its optimal temperature. These are available in several designs and shapes. Big coffee chains use these to serve cold beverages with ice. They can withstand the cold for a long time, and you can drink without any worries from here taking as much time as you want. In most cases, the wax is sprayed on all sides of the cup for a perfect finishing touch. It has a sturdy shape. 

Nowadays, many reputed cafes and bars use these disposable glasses for their benefits. It gives a creative edge to serving and brings a lot of colours to the ambience. These items can be customized easily. Various companies deal with all types of disposable cups. You can get any material, size and shape you want for your party easily at Ellementry. Visit to check out the best offers and get these at reasonable prices.

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