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The day you know you will be cutting a cake is undoubtedly a happy one. Cake cutting is a universal favourite activity, that signifies the mark of special events. People cut cakes on birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Hence, the cutting cake is symbolic to the happiness of the soul and the body. What's more? When you are cutting a cake, it usually involves a lot of people closer to you and your kin. So, suppose you have a grand event coming up, that requires you to cut a well-designed cake. 

Now, you have already ordered your favourite cake from the best bakers, and he happened to suggest you buy a cake stand and server. Now, we bet you never considered the art of cake cutting and serving before this, but now that you have taken an interest, today we are going to shed some light in the cute cake servers.

For starters, our prime topic of discussion involves how to cut cake and serve them via servers.

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  • For Generous Portions

Suppose you are celebrating an anniversary dinner with your family and friends. Then chances are if you bring two big cakes with cake stands, you can serve a generous amount of cake to your guests. For generous amounts, you should cut cakes ‘approximately 4" tall by 4" by 2" slices.’

This means the cake size is of a daily dessert portion. So, first use a cake server with a knife to measure the right portion. Now, use the serving knife to cut that portion evenly. Once done, use your cake server to carefully take the cake out without ruining its aesthetics. 

The cake server will, moreover, prevent you from damaging the original cake’s body. This way you will be able to maintain the table aesthetics too! Now, if you are buying a cake server online, you can opt for simple stainless-steel ones or classic wooden ones. Depending on your budget and requirement, pick the cake server that suits you most. 

For more insight on cake servers, you can check out online websites like Ellementry.

  • Event-Serving

The wedding cake is one of the most important aspects of the wedding. This one needs to be big, grand and spectacular. Now, sometimes even for this ginormous cake, it can be hard to satiate the cravings of the entire wedding party.

This is why, it is important to opt for a slightly smaller serving when it comes to wedding cakes. The right serving size here would be ‘4” tall by 2” by 1” slices’. These are a little bigger than bite sized portions are ideal for any kind of weddings.

Now, for those guests who love asking for a larger size, we advise you to cut the cake into ‘4" tall by 3" by 1 1/2" slice’. In short, go for a slightly bigger serve. Nevertheless, just ensure you understand the amount to be served, and practice sizing up the cake with the knife. That way, you will manage to cut the right serve and prevent yourself from wasting excess amount of cake. 

Lastly, take your cake serve and place it below the cake strategically, now, slice the portion you marked and safely take it out with the help of the cake serve.

  • Standard Servings

If you are cutting cake for a birthday that involves feeding 30-50 people at a go, we recommend that you order a big cake which can satisfy standard servings. Generally speaking a six-tier cake is ideal for feeding crowds.

You can use this cake and cut slices, which are approximately “4" tall by 3" by 1 1/2" tall. Once you do, cut this cake up and serve it to your guests as per their needs.

For a six-tier, cake, ensure to also invest in a classy cake stand. You can go for ones made of marble or wood, as these add immense amount of class to serving cakes.

  • Cutting Tiered Cakes

Many people opt for tired cakes as part of their special events. These tired cakes can be themed, be made huge and utterly captivating. Now, when you are dealing with smaller tired cakes, you should opt for cutting the tiers from top-down.

Moreover, the speciality of these tired cakes is there is a cake board under each cake. As a result, if you are cutting tired cakes, you need to be extra careful; As in, it is crucial that you use the cake server as a good support underneath the cake to prevent yourself from cutting the board.

This will prevent the whole cake from tumbling and creating a big mess. On that note, ensure to buy a cake server, which comes with a serving knife. This will help you measure the cake while cutting it, and you can also use the support of the serving knife when you are taking the cake out of a tiered cake.

  • Cutting Square Cakes (Event-Style):

If you have invested in a big square cake for a big event, then the given tip is ideal for you. This one involves moving in the cake server and knife 2 inches. from the cake’s outer edge and cutting across. After that, slice 1 in. pieces of cake and move your server another 2 inches in and slicing again until all the cake is cut. 

  • Cutting Round Cakes (Event-Style)

Round cakes are very popular at events and one of the best ways to glam up any big occasion. Therefore, if you are investing in a grand style and themed round cake, for example a galaxy cake, you can use your cake server to cut the cake in the explained way.

This one involves moving in 2 inches from the cake tier's outer layer; once done, now cut a ½ circle till the middle of the cake and then slice 1 inch. With this method, all the pieces inside the circle on the outer edge of the cake is covered. 

Once done, follow the same process with the other side of the cake, making a 2nd ½ circle and slicing the existing 1” pieces on the outer edge. Now proceed with another 2 inches and slice another circle; the centremost layer of each tier and the tiny top tier will then be cut into 3rds, 4ths, and 6ths, as per the size if the cake.

On that note, now that you are aware of how to cut the cakes with a cake server, why don’t you invest in the best one in the market? You can find your pick from many online websites, for if you want classic wooden ones, you can check out websites like Ellementry! Now, enjoy and let people enjoy by learning the art of serving cake!

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