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Home revamping has become the hottest trend in past few years. Many homeowners are giving their living space a look that is comfy, stylish and in line with the current fashion. Those who are taking one room at a time often start with the kitchen area.


If you look at the home decor magazines, you will notice that it is the kitchen makeovers are getting more and more creative. The new designs, colour schemes, etc. are irresistible. An island in the kitchen also looks exciting and promising.


If you already have one, then you know how much you can do with it. An island is a great way of making the space even more functional. You can smartly use all the unused area and make the cookhouse look all the more fascinating. 


Kitchen Island Essentials


The goals are to craft a superb design and further decorate it in a way that you and other people in the house love to use the space. Many kitchenware products can go on the countertop, and along with it; many more items can take their place to elevate the look and feel. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the best things that can go on top of the island and make it look like a dream come true.


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Planter Pots for a Greener Space

If you are someone who loves green areas and have created many garden pockets in your home, then you can take some plants into the kitchen as well. This task is effortless because all you will need is beautiful planters. Choose them in neutral colours to complement the decor.


Put in your favourite plants or grow some herbs for quicker access. Don’t be afraid of the mess because when you buy decor flower pots from they will come with a drip tray that will collect the muddy water. You will always see a clean slab to work on. 


Planter Pots


Dashing Dinnerware for Together Meals

In today’s time, everyone is leading a busy and hectic life. The entire family sitting together for breakfast, lunch or dinner is hard to achieve. But when the kitchen island is lined with the best dinnerware sets, taking out time wouldn’t be a daunting task.


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While you cook, the family can join and have food right out the stove that very moment. You will be able to see that blissful look on their faces while they gobble the delicious meals. Carafes and terracotta bowls are also some items that could be placed on the tabletop while having food.  


Chopping Board to Quickly Prepare the Meal

Yes, chopping boards look stunning sitting neatly on a kitchen island. It is an essential item and makes your work faster as you have a designated area to start the chopping and cutting task.


You can place a dustbin right below the counter to discard the waste material quickly and without many efforts. Ellementry has an array of stylish chopping board wooden to offer you. Go through the listing, and you will feel like buying them all at that very moment. Every item has been crafted keeping form and function in mind. The amazing looks are also an attractive factor. 


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Table Linen for that Oomph Factor

So far, you must have seen table runners, placemat and napkins on the dinner table decoration. The present time is all about creating displaying a style that is different and unique.


Bring these items to your kitchen island and see what a stunning appeal they create. Step out of the box and use it any way you like. After all, it’s your home! Give it your personality and show the world that art and creativity are not limited to the rules dictated in the home magazines that people swear by. 


Table Linen for oomph factor


Barware for Your In-House Bar

There are so many people who dream of having a bar space in their home so that they can top up with the best glasses, bottle cooler, liquor, cocktail shaker and more. As the art of hospitality is taking new turns, an in-house bar is a must. Use one end of the kitchen island for this purpose. Shop all exciting products in the barware category. 


It is time to make your home none like any other yet class apart with the above-mentioned items. You can find the best products at 


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