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Cakes are the world’s undeniable source of happiness. Now, these aren’t popular simply because they taste soft, creamy and succulent. No! Cakes are loved by all as these double up as symbols of happiness.  

As part of the modern trend, cakes are cut to celebrate tons of occasions; be it a wedding, a birthday, a congratulatory party to an engagement, cakes have found there way in all of these. But, all the bakers of the world, aren’t just satisfied by making the perfect cake.  

No, the real deal is cake presentation. In the era of social media and Pinterest, cakes need to look as appealing as they taste. Thankfully, we have the right kind of cake stands for this deed! 

Cake stands are those unsung heroes that give the cakes a grand presentation. These are of many types and designs and work effectively to flaunt the shape, texture and style of a cake. On that note, today we are going to give attention to these cake stands for a change. 

So, let’s start with our know-it-all's guide to cake stand! 

Beginning with 

Why are Cake Stands Necessary? 

When you have worked hard to create a gorgeous cake, you undoubtedly would like to make it look good, right? This is where the cake stands can help you out. These cakes stands are classy, stylish and hence, compliment your cake best. 

What’s more? Some of the cake stands available on the market are also rotatable. As a result, with a rotatable cake stand, you can easily rotate the cake when you are adding finishing touches. Additionally, if you are a food blogger who loves to click images of desserts against beautiful backdrops, your cake stand can help you out. 

For example, you can place the cake stand against an artistic backdrop and click some images worthy of Pinterest. 

Moving on, 

Types of Flamboyant Cake Stands Ideal for Bakers and Cake Lovers: 

  1. Two –Tier Cake Stands  

Do you often host soirees and kitty parties? If you do, you might want to invest in the two-tier cake stands. These come with double layers of support with a beam attached in the middle. This cake stand is ideal for flaunting double-layered cakes and with good reason. These are supportive, stylish and very elegant to look at. 

What's more? You can use this cake stand to decorate savouries as well as sweet dishes. For example, if you have a kitty party and you want to serve lemon and chicken tarts; then, you can use the first layer of the stand to decorate your chicken tarts and in the lower layer, you can add the lemon tarts along with some muffins or cupcakes. 

On that note, when you are purchasing beautiful cake stands, you might want to buy it from any reputed online store. Stores like Ellementry, offer an exceptional collection of cake stands, which are ideal for any kind of events. 


  • Rotatable Stylish Cake Stand 


Are you a baker who also loves to design cakes on the go? Then we have the perfect item for you! This rotatable cake stand is handcrafted and features wooden texture, that makes it look very classy.  

What's more? It is easily cleanable and can make cake decorations very easy. For instance, suppose you want to draw roses on the body of your cake. Now, placing it on a normal podium would mean you have to rotate around its body to complete the design. That is quite annoying and taxing. 

However, thanks to this rotatable cake stand, decorating a cake is now very easy. You can easily move its body and draw anything you want n your cake to make it look artistic. What's more? If you are entering a baking competition, presenting your cake on this stand is a big win as the judges can check it out with ease. 


  • Mango Wood Cake Stand  


The next favourite cake stands for bakers is the mango wood cake stand. This one is darker in colour and features a rustic old school vibe, that makes it ideal for flaunting big cakes. This cake stand is also handcrafted and thus, it eludes a timeless charm, which makes it ideal for grand events like anniversaries and weddings. 

Now, owing to its darker shade, you should feature light coloured or minimalistic cakes on this one. For example, an artistic white chocolate cake with a simple design will look grand on this cake stand. You can get this variety of cake stand from any reputed online store. For best results, you can buy it from popular online stores like Ellementry. 


  • Aurora Cake Stand  


Another good option for a cake stand is the aurora cake stand. This one features a fine combination of quartz stone and wood and is ethereal to look it. It has the quartz as the supportive cake holder, which is balanced with the help of a wooden beam. 

The dimension of the base is Base is 33 cm x 33 cm x 6 cm while the platter is 30 cm x 30 cm x 0.5 cm. Therefore, thanks to its spacious platter, you can hold any type of large cake in this one.  

Further, this cake stand can also be used to hold savouries, muffins, and fruits as per your wish. 


  • Wilton High and Low Cake Stand 


When it comes to a multipurpose cake stand, there is nothing better than the Wilton high and low cake stand. This one comes with a 12-3/4-inch platform featuring a soft moulded grip ring. Additionally, this one has the ability to adjust two types of heights, which makes it easier for bakers to decorate and keep the cake secure. 

You can use this cake stand to flaunt any kind of cakes. However, this one is ideal for supporting birthday cakes best. 


  • Fleur d'/ Wooden Cake Stand 


If you have baked a cake or two for any kind of classic social gathering, then the fleur d’/ wooden cake stand is a good one to feature your designer cake. This one flaunts a basic wooden structure with floral designs, which is ideal for any kind of party. 

What’s more? Thanks to the two-tier nature of this cake stand, this one can add a little upliftment to sweets or savouries. Therefore, not just cake, you can flaunt muffins, cupcakes, tarts, brownies and more in this stylish old-school cake stand. 


  • Wilton Pillar Cake Stand 


If you are looking for an outrageously big and stylish cake stand, then go for the Wilton Pillar one. This one features a three-tier cake stand, which is placed above a base and locked in it. You can use this cake stand to flaunt 3 different types of cakes as well as sweets and savouries. 

This one is ideal for a large party or a small soiree. However, this one is a little on the costlier side owing to its unique design and functionality. 

Additionally, this cake stand is crisp and features a clean texture, which can ideally fit into any kind of ambience. 

Well, there you have it, now that this guide is complete, we hope we could help you out. So, depending on your needs, order the kind of cake stand you need. For more insight, check out websites like Ellementry.

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