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Once in a while, an anonymous identity is born in the world. It establishes itself and gains recognition based on its values and beliefs. Ellementry, an environment dedicated brand, is reaching heights and winning hearts with its nature-friendly and handcrafted kitchenware items


Some decades back, it seemed like the planet’s resources were infinite, and people needed only to access them to create both personal and commercial benefits out of it. As we grew, we realized the opposite of it. It was then that the concept of conservation, sustainability was re-introduced in full force.


More than individual humans, it was the big business houses that consume the Earth riches abundantly. Today the climate-related subjects are given great importance by every individual. To an extent, that it has changed a person’s lifestyle. Consumer, today, prefer products which have nothing to with animal’s execution, and surrounding’s exploitation. The level of awareness is more than ever in people. 


Trending Items of Ellementry


With nature asking for nothing but careful action from us, businesses are being cautious about it all the more so. It is not just about our mother planet. It is about the values they follow.


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Each of it takes so much from it; it deserves something in return too. There are several establishments that, along with their extravagant industrial setup, handle their social responsibilities very well. They contribute to its development. 


Ellementry is a brand that has its foundation deeply rooted in values and ethics. Each of its products has been created by local artists who eventually uplift their living condition as well. The items are carefully designed with the material that in no way impacts our floras and faunas.


To give it a modern and unique design the serveware are made with a beautiful conglomeration of beauty and purpose. Every piece along with escalating the overall decor of your place will also bring a feeling of cultural revival with it.


If you don’t believe it, have a look for yourself:


Zest wooden salad bowl set of 2 with server & lid 

The urge to look fit and eat healthily comes and go. When you are eating green for your body, don’t you want to make sure that the vessel used is safe for your health? This compact bowl is everything you need. Mix your exotic salad in it. To add to your convenience, it comes with two spatulas. Their firm grip and size will make it easy for you to enable the sauce to reach every side of your veggies. It comes with a lid. You can cover your favourite with it to keep it fresh for a long. 


Wooden Salad Bowl


Blue wood cutlery stand

Your table must look as good as you. Own this piece of beauty, and it will bring elegance to your decoration vibe. The colour is perfect for all kinds of setting. You can keep your entire cutlery in it and wouldn’t have to fret over finding them while savouring your meal.


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Ceramic cereal bowl polka dots lemon

How nice would it be if you could get your day started with a delightful pot of cereal? Wonderful right! Get it started the way you wanted with this enticing dish. It will serve your breakfast in the appropriate quantity complementary with style. It is 100% safe for your food. You can even have other recipes like pasta, salad in it. The cute pastel lemon striped backdrop makes it your go-to utensil for all kinds of consumption. 


Aqua rustic ceramic dinner plate

Eatable tastes better when presented in elegant looking dinnerware. Invite your friends, relatives over for a small get together over dinner. Bring out these and dazzle them with their classy look.


It will put forward a feeling of class and elegance on the dining. The secret lies in its minimalistic look. The aquatic tones with hints of earthiness make it stand out from all your collection. You can have a complete set that includes a bowl of different sizes, bakeware dishes, jars and more.


Ellementry boats of simplicity. The magic is in its dedication and loyalty towards buyers and the Earth. It is because that every single piece of art is unique and can be triumphed over by none.


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