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If you’re planning to set up a bar for the first time, you might know about the cocktail shaker. After all, you might have seen your fellow bartender do a lot of crazy antics with one. However, this tiny mixer glass has a lot of intriguing history attached to it.  

Today, we are going to unravel the Wikipedia of cocktail shakers and discuss all that there is to know about this unique bar tool. 

Short History of the Cocktail Shaker! 

The cocktail shaker goes back many centuries. At first, it was mentioned in the 7000 BCE, where it was used by the old folk in prehispanic Mexico and South Africa. Later, the use of the cocktail shaker was mentioned in the 1520s. It was used to make King Charles V a drink made of froth and cacao.  

After that, the cocktail shaker was used by the Egyptians to serve drinks made from fermented grains and spices. However, only around the mid-19th century, an innkeeper bought life to the cocktail shaker. He used a small and a big jar to mix two drinks and played around with the jar a little.  

Henceforth, began the popularity of the cocktail shakers. During the 19-20's these shakers were produced in various shapes and sizes. Many resembled lighthouses, zeppelins, penguins and even aeroplanes. However, as time progressed and movies started showcasing these cocktail shakers as fancy items of luxury. 

Soon the popularity of these cocktail shakers was reflected in modern-day pubs and bars. As a result, the 1960’s started the onset of cocktail shaker revolution. 

Up until now, there are 3 kinds of most popular cocktail shakers used throughout history. 

Let’s Take a Look: 

1) The Boston Shaker  

This one is the traditional cocktail shake and consists of a two-piece body. This one comprises of a 28 imp fl oz metal bottom along with a 16 imp fl oz mixing glass. The mixing container is normally fixed over the bottom and shaken with the ingredients inside.  

This type of shaker requires the use of a strainer. Mostly, people use the Julep or Hawthrone strainer to remove residue from the shaker (especially if ice is used).  

2) The French Shaker 

The French shaker is quite like the Boston shaker. This one has a metal bottom along with a metal cap to support the drink. The ingredients are mixed and usually placed with a strainer for removing the residue. 

3) The Cobbler Shaker  

This one is a three-piece cocktail shaker with a bottom, a top and a strainer that is attached to the cap. Ideal for beginners, the cobbler shaker can be used to mix drink and directly pour it in the glass for serving. 

Well, this concludes the intriguing history of the cocktail shaker. It's time to learn the tips to use one! 

What Do You need? 

Well, you need a cocktail shaker. You can use the Boston Shaker or the Cobbler Shaker. However, if you use the Boston Shaker, you’ll need a strainer. Apart from this, you will need liqueurs, mixtures and spirits as per the recipe. Additionally, you’ll need ice along with the serving glasses. 

Shaking Tips 

The shaking of the drink isn’t that tough. It’ll take you approximately around 2 mins to pour all the ingredients before you get started. In general, all you need to do is follow these 6 steps - 

  • Pour all the ingredients in the right amount inside the cocktail shaker and use ice. 
  • Secure the cap of the shaker tightly 
  • Take the mixing glasses over your shoulder and shake vigorously. 
  • Once you start shaking slowly count to ten and wait for the outside of the shaker to show frost. 
  • After it frosts over, strain the liquid and pour it in the serving glass. 

Additional, basic shaking tips: 

  • Before filling your cocktail shaker with additional ingredients, it is best if you pour ice and chill the shaker beforehand. This will make it easier for the drink to cool and add more flavour and texture to the drink. 
  •  When you are pouring drinks in a Boston shaker, it is best if you pour all the ingredients before the ice. This way, you will get to understand how much ingredients are right for the drink.  
  • Another pro tip to keep in mind is, do not overfill the cocktail shaker. Make sure there is an ample amount of room left in the shaker for the ingredients to mix at ease. 
  • Know how long to shake for certain drinks. For example, cocktails with egg require a good dry shake beforehand. This means, shake the drink before adding the ice. This way the concoction will be prepared properly and evenly. 
  • Get into a rhythm. You can hum a tune, listen to a favourite song and do some whacky moves to shake the cocktail. Remember, the better you shake, the stronger and tastier the drink. 
  • The last tip would be to check the frost. Mostly, once your cocktail shaker starts to frost up, it means you are done. Therefore, it is best to invest in copper or stainless-steel cocktail shakers. These are easy to use and indicate the frost when it's done. 

On that note, now that you’re aware of the ways to use the cocktail shaker, you still might wonder, why you should use one! Well, we will tell you! 

Reasons to Use the Cocktail Shaker 


  • Proper Mix of Flavours 


The primary reason to use the cocktail shaker is for the proper mixing of flavours. The shaker helps to comfortably integrate all the ingredients easily inside it, that results in a unique concoction. What's more? The vigorous shake also allows the creation of effervescence that adds the quintessential texture to the drink. 


  • Ideal for Martini Lovers 


If you’re living around the tropics, chances are you face harsh summers? However, the best way to beat the summer heat is to sip a martini or two. Now, fortunately, you can make the best martinis with a cocktail shaker. 

The reason being most martini recipes recommend the use of a cocktail shaker for stirring and mixing the drink. What's more? As martins generally use ice, a cocktail shaker with strainer can help in mixing the drink along with removing residue too. 


  • Drinking Diversified 


Not just martinis, there are so many drinks that can benefit from the help of the cocktail shaker. You can use eggs and pineapple juice to add a touch of foam to drinks. Apart from that, drinks like the New Orleans Fizz, Pisco Sour and Piña Colada all need the quintessential shake to give them the edge. 

Well, apart from the above three reasons, the best one to use a cocktail shaker is, you look cool. So, wasn’t this blog quite fascinating? We bet you want to buy that cocktail shaker now! Why don’t you look through the online stores and get one for your bar? You can get plenty of cocktail shakers online, but if you want good quality, pick websites like Ellementry! Try it now!  We promise these are fun, handy and convenient!

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