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Kitchen is not only the place where cooking happens it is the heart of the house where all action happens. It is the place which is witness to all family and friends gatherings. It is the place which is active almost the entire day. Kitchen is the perfect place to bond with family or have a gala time with friends. Seeing your kitchen, people can judge you, your likes, dislikes and a lot more. If you want your kitchen to have the greatest impact, you should design your kitchen in such a way that its efficiencies increase and it becomes more welcoming. If you are planning to redecorate your kitchen then before making any major constructional changes have a look at these theme-based kitchen decor ideas to give a new life to your kitchen. You can check Ellementry to purchase trendy Kitchen decor essentials at minimal prices.                 

The Open-Shelf Storage Kitchen

The latest theme in kitchen designing is having open-shelf storage. Instead of keeping all your pans and pots inside the drawers or behind the cabinets you can install some open airy shelves that have your eye-catchy cutlery and dinnerware kept to draw the attention of your guests. You can also keep decorating items like a clock or a picture on these shelves. This will enhance your kitchen decor a lot. You can always find a number of trendy kitchen decor essentials on Ellementry. This theme gives a large and airy look to your kitchen.                          

The Neat Kitchen

Many ladies don’t like to see anything kept in open in their kitchen. They are used to keeping everything behind the cabinets and drawers. If you are one of them who always wants to see their kitchen spic and span then you should design your kitchen with lots of drawers and cabinets that can accommodate all your kitchen essentials. For this theme-based kitchen decor, you should always go with a light colour scheme so that you get a bright and airy look in your kitchen.    

Mix and Match

If you are amongst the ones who want both trends and efficiency in your kitchen you should go with this theme. In this theme decor, you mix both open shelves and traditional cabinets. You can have upper storage cabinets to stack in the things or appliances that you don’t want to be visible and you can put open shelves below them to keep items like a pretty dinner set or a beautiful showpiece that you want everyone to see. This theme will give you a chance to enhance the beauty of your kitchen in every possible way.

The Cafe Theme

Do you love visiting Barista? What if you get the same look and ambiance in your own Kitchen. This Cafe theme-based kitchen decor will give you an impression of sitting in your favourite cafe and sipping on a hot cup of coffee. To install this theme buy coffee mugs, pots with plants and even coffee beans to give that perfect cafe look to your kitchen. Keep your coffee maker with your favourite cookie jars on the countertop in a way that everyone visiting your kitchen gets the impression of visiting a local cosy cafe. You can always find the perfect kitchen decor essentials as per your theme on Ellementry on nominal prices.

The Bistro Theme

If you love to visit romantic cosy Bistro with your partner then this is the perfect theme for you. Forgiving your kitchen a bistro look go for dark-coloured cabinets and brick walls look. To give a more realistic feel you should install a chalkboard or paint a section of a wall with chalkboard paint where you can write daily menus. Stack your kitchen with lots of wine bottles and glassware to make your kitchen ready for this theme. With this theme-based kitchen decor, you will never fail to impress your guests.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse theme-based kitchen decor incorporates both the new modern elegance and cosy rustic design to give that perfect look to your kitchen where you get an urban feel and at the same time feel like hanging out with your family and friends. In this theme, you can go with both light and dark color schemes. You should use lots of natural colour wood with antique decor. At the same time, you should go for a modern countertop and latest kitchenware to give that perfect mix look for your Kitchen.                                                  

Diner Kitchen

Want to bring your favourite restaurant to look in your kitchen? You can always do this by redesigning your kitchen with this diner Theme based kitchen decor. To make this theme happen, you should invest in some high stools for your countertop. In one corner of your kitchen/dining area keep a cosy small sofa with a table to give that perfect restaurant feel. In this theme use lots of bold colours and decor items to attract the focal points in your kitchen decor.

Minimalist Kitchen

This theme is the perfect option for those with small kitchen size. Usually, only one or two colour schemes are used in this type of kitchen. Lots of cabinets and drawers are the best friends in this theme-based kitchen decor. Hide all your appliances and kitchenware in these cabinets and drawers otherwise will hold lots of space in your kitchen. You can also try to build in your refrigerator and dishwasher in cabinets for maximizing space utilization. Stainless steel is the best option for this kitchen as it is light and utilizes less space.

Industrial Kitchen

Want to transform your kitchen to a professional Kitchen then this theme is the best suitable for you. Metal is your best friend in an industrial kitchen theme. Put shelves in your cabinets and use metal pipes for them. Dark colours are the best choice for this type of kitchen decor. You can also install a brick wall to give that perfect look to your industrial kitchen look. To give that final touch you can install pot rack for your pans over the countertop displaying all your cookware. You can always find the perfect kitchen decor essentials that will enhance the overall decor of your kitchen at Ellementry.

Contemporary Kitchen

These kitchens are perfect for those who love the simple yet elegant decor. One can never fail to impress with contemporary theme-based kitchen decor. In this type of kitchen decor, both light and dark colours are used. Dark-coloured cabinets form a perfect combination with light-coloured countertop. You should always keep lighting bright and intense to keep the balance between light and dark decor. Such kitchens are never crowded with decor rather few eye-catchy showpieces are kept to make focal points in the kitchen. This kitchen decor suits best to the family with an urban lifestyle. You can get perfect chic showpieces to decorate your contemporary kitchen at Ellementry.

School House Theme

If you love vibrant colours and that young feeling in your kitchen this theme is perfect for you. Go for vibrant colour high stools and bright colour showpieces for those cheery vibes in your kitchen. You can also put a chalkboard to leave notes. This theme always gives a happy feeling to an otherwise simple kitchen. You will always love to hang out in the kitchen with this theme. You can check out amazing notice boards for your kitchen on Ellementry.

Redesign Your Kitchen 

Your Kitchen defines your personality and lifestyle. Refurbish it to a place which attracts not only your guests but also you, as this is the place where you spend time to make perfect meals for your family and friends. A meal always becomes tasty if it has been made with a joyful mood and for that, you need a perfect kitchen that gels well with your taste. Either you like the contemporary look or earthen one, either you prefer bold bright colours or subtle ones, there is a perfect option for everyone in the market nowadays. Explore and give new life to your kitchen because the secret to a perfect family lies in the perfect kitchen. At Ellementry you will always find the ideal kitchen decor essentials that enhance your kitchen decor at nominal prices. Check out the website for more.

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