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We all crave for baked food items so much that we consider baking an art. Baking certainly is an art but identifying which bakeware will suit you perfectly is also no less than an art in itself. Ellementry provides you with some amazing ideas to fulfil your baking requirements. Here, we bring the most essential things to keep in mind while choosing bakeware:-

Bakeware Material 

Each bakeware material comes with its unique set of pros and cons. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial for bakers to possess basic knowledge related to a variety of bakeware materials. Especially, those who are all set to try their hand at baking must choose bakeware after familiarising themselves with the fundamental knowledge of bakeware material. Bakeware material including copper, tin and aluminium score pretty well in terms of being superior conductors of heat. Therefore, it becomes possible to prepare food in minimal time despite the moderate temperature. Nevertheless, it is equally important to possess an inkling towards the negative features of different bakeware.  

While you choose bakeware, you need to keep in mind that stone and cast iron bakeware perform exceptionally well in the context of long-lasting cooking since they take time to warm up. The food remains warm for a longer duration despite taking it out from the oven. More than that, it trims down the probability of food reaction born out of specific metal use. 

 Ovenproof glass and silicon are two bakeware materials that have earned the reputation of being multifunctional materials. They can be instantly placed in the microwave the moment taken out of the refrigerator. Interestingly, besides being resistant to stain and scratch, the ovenproof glass comes across as non-absorbent of odour. It scores brownie points due to effortless cleaning and non-reaction with certain kinds of ingredients. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic appeal and greater functionality of bakeware are indeed match made in heaven, and Ellementry is surely a God in that regard. One may choose bakeware made up of ovenproof ceramic and porcelain as they do not merely score remarkably well on the aspect of aesthetic appeal, but they are also non-absorbent to odour and hence can be cleaned effortlessly. 

 Bakeware Material Thickness

While selecting bakeware, one must keep in mind that bakeware is featuring heavy-gauge metal results in the evenly baking of the food due to resisting dents and deformity at the higher temperature. 


Dish Color

 The shining appearance of the dishes when combined with the light colours will result in even baking of the meals owing to the superior heat-retention capacity. Indeed, one must keep in mind that light dishes are preferred for food that does not require much browning. On the contrary, dark dishes featuring matte finish results in swift food baking and is preferred for the food types that require thicker crust. Generally, dishes that feature non-stick coating are dark in colour.  

Effortless Handling 

Bakeware equipped with anti-slip silicon handles or handles that are extensions of bakeware is a good alternative when there is a greater emphasis on cooking safety aspect. Beginners must keep in mind that easily held bakeware reduces the possibility of burn due to featuring moderate hot post taken out of the oven. 

Reaction With Food Ingredients 

One must also keep in mind the possibility of the reaction of food ingredients with a few specific kinds of bakeware. Many bakeware materials trigger a reaction with certain kinds of food ingredients — for instance, copper, yet another kind of popular bakeware. Ironically, despite being expensive, it reacts with a few food ingredients and hence crafted by blending other metals. Aluminium bakeware too may react when used with ingredients featuring acidic properties, leading to a metallic taste, for example, tomatoes, lemons, wine etc. This is indeed the reason that aluminium bakeware is crafted by blending it with other metals like tin or stainless steel. In such a scenario, it is recommended to consider anodised aluminium as it scores well on the aspect of durability and resistant to scratch in comparison to the ordinary aluminium. Moreover, neither does it rust nor does it react with food ingredients. 

Resistant To Rust 

While selecting bakeware, one must keep in mind the aspect of rust resistance. Ironically, in terms of disadvantages, cast iron is no exception. It is neither lightweight, nor it is resistant to rust. Therefore, it is recommended to turn to enamelled cast iron coated with porcelain enamel. This coating not only results in effortless cleaning but also keeps the rust away.

Bakeware Brand

It is high time to acknowledge that bakeware is not just about tolerating heat along with imparting a fine feel in the context of baking. Bakeware is about delivering the delectability while taking care of equally important features like food hygiene, food safety, sustainability and many more. A reputed bakeware brand will strive to remain indulged in devising newer and newer ways to excel in quality and seeking inspiration from nature for exceeding the expectations of its ideal end-users. It is no wonder that seasoned bakers always turn to quality bakeware while selecting the right moulds and accessories to bake right. To add a touch of elegance, considering handcrafted bakeware created by a quality bakeware brand will be a thoughtful decision that is bound to enable you to earn spurs. Be it modern bakeware recipes or the conventional ones, and quality bakeware will always prove to be consistent in terms of meeting global food-safety and hygiene benchmarks. 


Final Thoughts


For the majority of people, the delectability of food is the most significant aspect. However, in the wake of growing awareness related to food hygiene and food safety concerns, people have begun acknowledging the need for exercising precaution while buying kitchenware and bakeware. Undeniably, there is so much about bakeware than we recognise and appreciate. Ceramic oven baking dish, terracotta baking dish, baking sheets that we utilise, do perform in a diversified manner. Therefore, gaining knowledge regarding different bakeware as they modify the technique and hence essence your baked food, is imperative. Before you bring new bakeware at home, keep in mind the multitude of aspects and visit the best available online platform in this field. These encompass quality of bakeware, the repute of the brand, bakeware material and many more to savour fine bakeware dining experience.

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