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Water is one of the most essential elements of a human’s life. You need water to do your chores, to have a healthy body as well as to cook a healthy meal. In fact, doctors recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day to remain healthy. It is important to maintain a healthy weight as well as ensuring a healthy body. 

Most people who do not drink enough water complain of not having a source of water around or simply forgetting to drink enough water. One easy way to eliminate this problem is to buy a water dispenser.

The industry of water dispensers is on an all-time high with more and more people opting to buy a water dispenser. And why not? The benefits of having a water dispenser for your house are enormous. Besides adding to your comforts and reminding you to drink water by being in front of your eyes, many water dispensers are also great to look at and are a great addition to your kitchen or dining table.

Water dispenser vs water cooler

When it comes to buying a water dispenser, many people do not know the fact that a water dispenser is not the same as a water cooler. In fact, they are both entirely different things. As the name suggests, a water cooler cools the water while a dispenser may or may not do so. A water cooler is more ideal for formal and professional settings with a large number of people, while a small family can happily and easily manage with a water dispenser.

When it comes to a water dispenser, there are myriad options to choose from. To buy the right water dispenser for your house, you need to know some important factors to consider before making the right purchase.

Types of water dispenser

You can often find water dispensers in the following materials:

  1.     Plastic
  2.     Glass
  3.     Stainless steel
  4.     Copper

While a plastic dispenser is neither safe for your family nor for the environment, it is suggested to steer clear of the same. A stainless steel and copper dispensers are not very common and might not be easy on the pocket. Add to it some more maintenance on a regular basis and you will be happy to keep them at bay.

A glass water dispenser, like the one you can buy from ellementry is not just a budget-friendly option but also makes for a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Factors to consider before buying a water dispenser

When you have made the decision to buy a water dispenser, there are some basics that you must keep in mind. Your space available, budget, need and purpose play a vital role when it comes to looking for a water dispenser for your house.

  1. Capacity of dispenser

The amount of water that you need the dispenser to hold is the primary consideration. It is often decided by the number of people who are expected to be served from the said dispenser. It also depends on how frequently you are willing to fill the dispenser up again. As a small family, it is suggested to have a manual water dispenser and save yourself from the trouble.

  1. How easy it is to maintain?

While a copper or other fancy dispensers may be great to look at, they may be equally unappealing once they get dirty. An important kitchen product like a water dispenser must be cleaned regularly. For the same reason, a glass water dispenser comes in handy. It is lightweight and easy to clean.

Also, keep in mind the material and size of the nozzle. It should be small enough to fit in on the top of the water bottle. 

  1.     Space considerations

While visual appeal is important, one also needs to be practical and check the space available. Do you have the space for a freestanding water dispenser for your house or you would prefer something smaller for a countertop?

  1. Look of the dispenser

Enough has been said about it. A glass water dispenser like this one from Ellementry does not just store a good quantity of water but also is good to look at. What's more, you can save it for serving juices, wines and other beverages during a party.

  1. Safety and hygiene

Some key health and safety features must be given due consideration. A plastic water dispenser, although relatively common and cheaper, is not a good choice for keeping in homes. The water you drink must be healthy and safe and plastic has not been recommended for eating and drinking purposes. A water dispenser made of glass, is safe, easy to maintain and can let you keep a check on water levels. 

  1. Price

Everything comes down to pricing at the end of the day. The dispenser you go for must fit within your budget. You can easily find beautiful and pocket-friendly glass dispensers in the market, which are BPA free and safe to use as well.

Now that you know about the six important things to consider when buying a water dispenser for your home, we hope you will make a wise choice.

All the best in finding and buying the right water dispenser for you and your family and making the best-informed decision as you can.  

What kind of water dispenser are you still using? Planning to swap your old dispenser to a useful and chic one? Let us know your thoughts on this! Visit Ellementry today to buy some of the best and unique items for your kitchen.  

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