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Owning a home is one of the greatest joys that an individual can enjoy. After all, one works hard to own a roof over their heads. So, if you have recently received an invitation to be a part of a housewarming party, you must be well prepared to be a part of their happiness. Moving into a new home is not easy. A family has to add various things into their new space to become comfortable. But often, homeowners are not aware of the items that would turn their house into a home. It is where thoughtful friends and family come in. A housewarming gift should be thoughtful and selected with utmost patience. After all, the décor item or household product you will present will become a part of their home. If you are having a hard time deciding what item will be apt for a new home, Ellementry is here to help you out. The brand has a tasteful collection of housewarming gifts that any couple would love to receive. Without further ado, let us talk more about them in detail. 

Fete Glass T-Light Holder Gift Set Of 3

Fete Glass T Light Holder


When the sun sets, the different lights in the house make our abode look pleasant and welcoming. However, candles and t-lights are the ones that set the mood. So, what would be a better gift than a T-light candle holder? Fete glass t-light holder gift set of 3 is a handcrafted product with a unique charm. It does not emit a bright light but a subtle one, which is enough to brighten up the table. Whether it is a get-together, family dinner, an intimate date night at home or ‘Netflix n chillin’, the t light holder will set the right mood and turn any evening into a magical night. 

Napkin Rings

Napkin Ring Wood

A couple that has recently moved into their new home will be hosting many parties and dinners. The house warming party is simply a start. Party means food, and where there are delicious meals, beautiful tableware and fancy napkins become a necessity. Be a thoughtful guest and gift the hosts a set of napkin rings. It will help them to elevate the look of their dinner table further.

Sous Chef Multi Utility Platter

Multi Utility Platter

Sous chef multi-utility platter is an ideal housewarming gift for the kitchen. It is beautifully crafted from oak wood and has columns to place different items conveniently. There are three small columns that you can use to keep spices and condiments. When there are guests at home, this chopping board can be used as a serving platter. It will surely ace up your cooking and serving game. 

Blue meadow condiment set of two 

This condiment bowl (set of 2) with a wooden base is super elegant to be gifted. You will definitely desire to keep it once you hold it in your hands. There are two condiment bowls with a wooden base that hold them intact. The hand-painted flowers make it more artistic. One can serve dry fruits or small candies as well. 

Head(y) ceramic bottle stopper set of two

Ceramic Bottle Stopper

These bottle stoppers are an apt housewarming gift as they will keep the fizz intact in the drink bottle and retain the zing in the wine bottles. Once the wine is over, these can be used to adorn the everyday glass bottles. 

We explored a few options, but there are a plethora of products available at that you can browse through. Selecting the best housewarming gift will be an easy task when you have so many options at your disposal.

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