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Glassware is an artistic variety of glasses present in every bar to capture the attention of the guests. It is crucial to choose suitable glassware for the bar, having various factors in mind. Buying glassware online in volume for your home bar is hassle-free with a variety of options to select from visual images on the website. 

Let us get a deep insight into some useful tips for purchasing glassware online.

Type of Glassware 

There are three different styles of glasses in the market and, it is imperative to choose either one of them smartly. The first one is the everyday glassware that includes juice glasses and beverage tumblers. Next type is the stemware, which, is the prominent one covering wine glasses, flute, and martini glasses. Last, but not least is the barware, which, covers up beer mugs, highball glasses, and dual traditional glasses.

Decide on the Types of Servings you have

There are loads of glasses available in the market to attract you to buy each one of them. You should avoid being super-excited and, think carefully before owning the glasses in your home bar. Casual dinnerware is deemed to go well with casual glassware and, other cuisine dinnerware requires outstanding glassware. Mix and match of glassware is a splendid idea to provide an assorted effect on the party table.

How many Glasses are required?

Buying glasses in sets is a great suggestion when it comes to the question of the number of glasses required. Based on the number of drinks you have and, the incidence of guests coming up, buy a barware set which, best compliments any drink like water, juice, beverage, and wine. Have many glasses stocked in the bar handy to serve them at times of urgency to avoid dishwashing often.

How often you are planning to Use Stemware

Kind of Workmanship and Price Range

Glasses are designed with exquisite artisanship that can make the buyer go awe with the colossal collection.  Glass and crystal are two types of glasses existing in the market and, you need to analyse which, one of them is the best fit for your bar.

Glassware is usually made from sand, ash, and limestone. Most of the glassware are dishwasher-safe but you need to take utmost care by placing them at a distance to shield them from damage. 

Crystal glasses are available in stemware and barware only. These glasses complement well with porcelain and bone china. The maintenance of these glasses is to be done by hand wash with ammonia and, store in heights for safety.

Glassware is estimated to be expensive than other glasses but, adds so much royalty to the bar environment with its gracious look.


The length of the stem gives different looks on the party table.

Long-stemmed glasses are suitable for occasional dining whereas, short-stemmed glasses compliment well for regular or casual parties or get-togethers.

Clear Stemware or Colored Stemware

Clear stemware does not add any apparent look to the wine. It can be chosen for parties where many drinks are served. This is because no one will notice the glass you are serving in due to the busy engagement with people at the party.

Coloured stemware moulds the colour of the drink arbitrarily, making the guests eager wait to know what drink you are serving in these elegant glasses. They are a great addition to the party table as they enhance the look of the wine. 

Stemware Shape and Density

The ideal shape of a wine glass is oval, a fabrication that leads the majority of the drink towards the nose.

The density of ideal wine glass to choose is paper-thin.

White wine is served in a frozen state while red wine is served at a warmer temperature.

Mix and Match Stemware

A mix and match of stemware at a party where multiple drinks are served catch the attention of the guests. When a pattern of glassware is in demand due, to stock reduction or slow delivery then, choose to mix a variety of glasses to serve the wine. However, maintain regularity in the shape of the bowls, the stems, and the bases to avoid any incomplete look.

The Number of Stemware Pieces in Each Setting

A set of stemware has a minimum of three pieces, which, comprises of the goblet, champagne glass, and wine glass.

A five-setting stemware covers a goblet, champagne glass, wine glass, cordial glass, and iced-beverage glass.

A four-piece setting features a goblet, champagne glass, wine glass, and a cordial glass.

A six-piece setting includes a goblet, champagne glass, wine glass, cordial, glass, ice-beverage glass, and, a second wine glass.

These are the distinct types of stemware setting patterns available in the online stores for purchasing glassware. Choose the preferred one according to your needs and be benefited.

The most cost-effective way to purchase a stemware is to buy them in sets so that you can stock your bar with more bar assistants in a single purchase.

Choosing Handmade or Machine made Stemware

Handmade stemware is made of the most exquisi0t.e materials with a thin texture to give a delightful drinking experience to the guests.

On the other hand, machine-made stemware is produced in bulk with common materials and, are budget-friendly for any common person to own in the bar.

Choose machine made stemware if, you are planning to throw a party for a huge audience with standard barware without the fear of any wreckage.

Factors Determining the Quality of Stemware

Quality of the stemware is known based on factors like smoothness, balance, invisible seams, and uniformity in design.

To assess the smoothness, you can run the fingers around the rim, the edge of the foot, and under the base.

Stemware with good balance sits cosily on the table without any jiggle.

Uniformity is generally observed in machine-made stemware as there are many identical glasses produced in bulk numbers.

Handmade stemware varies in design and size that may not affect the quality of the stemware but differentiate it from machine-made stemware.

However, these features cannot be tested while buying glasses online as users will not get a chance to see or touch the glasses. In such scenarios, read the reviews given below the product anxiously, to find out the feedbacks in real-time. This will be useful for you to buy quality glassware online.

Factors Determining the Quality of Crystal Glasses

Clarity, shine, weight, and ring are the key factors in ascertaining the quality of these valuable crystal glasses. 

Clarity can be examined by keeping the stemware in white light. The more the lead in the stemware, more will be the quality of the crystal glass.

Shine is a characteristic of crystal with high lead content. This produces a more scintillating effect on the crystal glasses.

Weight is defined by the level of lead content in the glass. Crystals with more lead are regarded as heavy glasses and, can be chosen accordingly.

The ring is found by the shape, weight, and size of the piece.


A bar is always incomplete and lifeless without glasses as these are significant in rendering an exhilarating drink to the guests. A wide variety of contemporary glasses are available at Ellementry to buy for your home bar or party event. 

Check the website for impressive glassware crafted with intrinsic style and creativity to add more zest to your special occasion.

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