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Warm summer months are a great opportunity for friends and family to host lunches and dinners. It is the time when kids usually enjoy summer holidays, allowing people to widen their circle and strengthen the bond with the close ones. 

If you are also taking this season as a chance to socialize a little more, and make every day count, then you will need to prepare your stall for the company. The preparation part can be a little overwhelming or daunting for many. 

Some are even under the impression that it is the quality of the food that counts. However, when you visit other people and see their elaborate and beautiful table arrangement, feeling a pang of jealousy is common. Ellementry understands that social dilemma, and this is why they offer some top of the line tableware that will truly encapsulate your guests. 

Cutlery Holder stand

A highly structured meal will remain the focus of your luncheon but do not overlook the cutlery and crockery on the counter. Even if it seems irrelevant, understand that the organization must be eye-pleasing. 

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It should appeal to the company and get engraved in their memory for a substantial amount of time. For that, you need some classic dinner sets, desk decor, linen and more. Ellementry has the best collection that you can choose from. 

The Fiore Collection

Imagine a table that is dressed up with beautiful crockery and dinnerware items, that are of serene beauty and complements the summer season? You must have seen subtle colours and patterns in your thoughts. Fiore collection is straight out of such an imagination. 

The cream shade adds delight and makes one feel refreshed. The leaf and flower pattern adds to the season’s vibe. To make most of this collection, be sure to buy all the items. Right from dinner plates and pasta bowl to condiment set and serving bowl, you need it all to set the mood. 

Fiore Ceramic Serving Bowl


The Amber Love Collection

If you are in search of something more classic and sophisticated, then the amber love collection is a great option for you. It is suitable not only for the warmer months but will grace your counter even in spring or winters. 

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The entire collection has been crafted to offer you products that are out of the box and enticing. Ceramic is used to handcraft the items, giving you a unique dining experience. 

Summer Table Linen

Before you set the stall with any of the above-mentioned collection makes sure that the slab is not bare. It must have a runner for the right ambience. Go with floral and tropical prints to add the summer vibe. Once done, place table mats and napkins for an enjoyable lunch or dinner. 

Summer table linen

Choose mustard, vertical limits, mango mojito, highland flex and other styles of table linen. They are all perfect to make your table look summer-ready. The bright colours, beautiful patterns and cotton material all combine to give you something uncommon and attractive. 

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Trendy Terracotta Items

Hot summer days are when terracotta items trend. It is because everyone looks for refreshing food and beverages. So, what would be a better way of making and serving such edible items than in terracotta? You can make the curd to beat the heat in the terracotta curd setter. 

Place a tumbler with a wooden lid; jugcarafe and more will also make the table look extremely attractive. When you consume food and drinks from earthenware, it will offer you a lot of health benefits. The drinks will stay cooler for a longer duration and make you feel refreshed. 

Trendy Terracotta Items


Shiny Trivets

It is hot outside, but this doesn’t mean that you will serve cold food. Delicacies must be warm enough so that the guests can take pleasure in them with utmost bliss. Steaming utensils can burn the runner; leave dents or marks on the counter. 

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The best way to stop that from happening is by using a trivet. When chosen stylish one, it complements the table arrangement and not look out of the place. Even if you are serving tea, use it to place the kettle and show your unique hosting abilities. 

Arranging the table for summer entertainment isn’t as daunting as it appears. All you need to know have is the right dinnerware and a few more essentials. You can place them in a strategic manner, and you are done. The desk will look straight out of a home magazine. For any product requirement, Ellementry is always there is assist you. 

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