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As a follower of home décor websites, you recently found a new product that is ideal for completing your kitchen. It is a fruit pick holder. It is made of pure wood, and depicts such panache and style, that you immediately want to buy it.

But, wait, before you rush to invest in the novel product, it is important that you know exactly what it is used for! 

Following that, let us help you understand a few safety measures along with maintenance tips. So, without wasting any more time, let us begin our blog for the day.

Fruit Pick Stand: Purpose and Uses

The purpose of the fruit pick stand is rhetoric itself. The fruit pick stand is used for picking and eating fruits, at least, that is what the generic mass thinks. However, there are many uses to a fruit pick stand.

Let’s See them!


  • More Classy


If you are a connoisseur of table manners and a fitness freak, then undoubtedly the fruit pick stand is your best friend. This fruit stick stand is very classy, and it comes with 6-7 fruit sticks which are ideal for picking and eating fruits.

Additionally, you can use these fruit picks when you are serving guests fresh fruits. This way there will be less chance of mess and you can take pride for a cleaner table. Moreover, the fruit pick stands are good options to use, if you are wearing fancy dinner clothes.

These will prevent the spillage of juice from fruits, while consuming them.


  • Excellent Table Manners


If you are from a classy home, chances are you focus a lot on table manners. Then one of the best things you can buy for your family is a wooden teak fruit pick. This one comes with a teak wooden stand with 6-7 fruit picks.

You can use this fruit pick every time you dine. Firstly, it will enhance and improve the dining experience. Secondly, you would get to show your guests and family how classy you are. Thirdly, you can use this in front of your guests and set an example of how poised and prim your home is.


  • On Point Food Aesthetics 


We never fail to notice; how delectable food looks when presented in an aesthetic appealing way. Therefore, for those who do simple food art photography, you can use the fruit pick stand as a prop for a befitting picture. You can for example, place your fruit bowl against a crisp white tablecloth. Now, place the fruit pick beside it and click it.

Once done place a complete black background against the exposure, and viola, you have a suspenseful minimalistic food art picture. For this purpose, it is best that you buy a fruit pick stand made of teak or mango wood.

These fruit pick stands are handcrafted, sturdy, and depict unique wooden texture, which makes these items very appealing aesthetically.


  • No Amount of Mess Incurred


For the gym buffs and diet freaks, most of the daily meals involve using tons of fruits and green veggies. However, when you are binging, on fruits on a normal day, chances are you will create a mess if you are eating juicy fruits like mangoes, berries and more.

At that moment, you can avoid a messy situation by choosing to eat with a fruit pick. Once you pierce the fruit’s skin with the fruit pick, it will create less amount of juice secretion than it would have with a hand.


  • Good for Savouries too!


Many families like preparing pork chops, kebabs and fried nuggets during dinner time. What's more? If there is a crisis going on like the current pandemic, COVID-19, people are more likely to stay at home and prepare their meats.

Therefore, if you are serving kebabs for dinner, you can give these along with the fruit pick. The fruit pick while not being exceptionally sharp, can effectively help to cut into the skin of the meat easily. Thus, you can enjoy your meat mess free.

On that note, now that you are aware of the many ways to use the fruit pick, time to go over the safety and maintenance tips.

Safety Comes First

Mothers will children, might fear getting the wooden fruit pick for various reasons. These appear like sharp long leaves, which can undoubtedly harm their little one. However, there isn’t much need to worry. You can easily follow a few safety precautions to protect your child and baby from any impromptu accidents.

  • Avoid keeping the fruit pick pin in areas that are easily accessible by your child. You need to make sure your child cannot reach these areas. Good options are above the almirah, inside a cabinet etc.
  • If your child is just a baby, avoid accidentally leaving behind fruit picks after a party or two. Ensure you always clean up. This is because, if you do not clean up, your child can accidentally find the fruit pick and poke him/herself with it. 
  • Ensure to educate your child on the perks of using a fruit pick along with the cons. Tell him to not poke anyone and himself with the fruit pick and teach him the right way to use this fruit pick.
  • Practice supervision when you are letting any child use the fruit pick.

Well, now that we have briefly discussed the safety protocols to use a fruit pick, let’s start with the maintenance tips:


  • Clean with Simple Soap and Water


Cleaning with soap and water is a very good option to consider when you are using a fruit pick stand. The reason being most authentic fruit pick stands are made up of pure natural wood. As a result, these do not use corrosive chemicals during manufacturing and hence, using corrosive chemicals on these are not advisable either.

So, use mild detergent or plain soap to clean these unique fruit pick stands.

  1. Sharpen and Polish these for Longevity

Often if you use the fruit pick stands for a long period, these can get affected and look work out. Therefore, to retain their glamour and style, it is advised that you give them a polish and use a varnish paper to even out their ends to retain the minimal sharpness.

This will help in elongating the life of the fruit pick, and you can easily use this product soon. So, based on this blog, by now you should be willing to buy a classic teak wood fruit pick stand. If you are, ensure to invest in one good home décor shop. If you want our suggestion, then we advise you pick shops like Ellementry. These guys offer handcrafted items at the best rates!

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