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Good Cutlery as we think of goes far beyond a regular set of knives, spoons, and forks or the fancy silverware in our drawers reserved for special occasions. Modern-day Cutlery has evolved with newer designs, each for a specific purpose and occasion just as our dinnerware. 

Here are some of the varieties provided by Ellementry in Cutlery equipment that we're sure you didn't know about apart from the regular knives we use in our kitchens. Learn about the best meat slicing knife, the antique victorian silverware, the modern-day biodegradable spoons and forks, and much more. 

The Knives

Knives form an essential part of Cutlery in the kitchen. The various kinds of knives available ideally suit their specific purpose based on their shape, weight, and size. While some are for regular meat slicing or fruit cutting, some others are used for bread, for skinning, and much more. You may wonder if you can’t know it where can you get it, don’t stress Ellementry has your back.

Cleavers: The most popular knife for meat cutting. They look rather large and rectangular and are especially popular in Asian restaurants. Most chefs have one of these and find it handy for a variety of tasks beyond meat slicing that also include simple ones like crushing garlic or chopping vegetables

Carving knife: The knives you'd probably be familiar seeing on TV as murder weapons. The sharp tapering ends of these knives also referred to as the slicing knife and are usually the longest variety amongst kitchen knives apart from the bread knife. As the name suggests, they are the best knife to be used for meat slicings like beef, pork, and poultry. They're capable of producing fine thin slices in even shapes and can be great for something as simple as cutting a cake or managing large fruits such as courgettes, melons or other such vegetables. Ellementry offers each of these varieties that you might choose to try.

Filleting knife: Probably better known among the professionals, filleting knives have a very sharp and pointed top and their shape makes it handy for deboning fish. Similar in appearance to a deboning knife, this one is usually more flexible and better capable of piercing through the texture of fish skin. What sets them apart is that they are generally used for cutting in a horizontal motion as opposed to the traditional vertical motion with which we chop or cut things.

Now that you know about the purposes and advantages of having the best knife in your kitchen, what about the many Cutlery items in your drawer that you hardly use or know about? Items like a crumber, a potato fork or jelly trowel are not ones you take out to set the table every day. 

Ceramic Cutlery

When we think of knives, the image that conjures up in our mind is those of sharp stainless steel objects with usually a black solid handle for a sturdy grip. Ceramic is the last thing one could think of as we usually associate the material with intricately designed vases decorating the shelves or fancy bowls and plates for our kitchen. However, for those still unaware, ceramic is the new hot item in the Cutlery market that we're sure you didn't know about. They're made by dry pressing zirconia powder and then fired and diamond dust-coated.

Unlike what we commonly imagine, Ellementry’s ceramic varieties of kitchen knives can be razor-sharp, durable and have the advantage of not losing their sharpness over a longer duration, unlike metal ones that need sharpening every now and then. Being non-porous as a material, they are also less susceptible to odours and are more versatile to use. The garlic smell can easily be washed off as you move on to meat slicing or chopping fruit with the same knife. 

Ceramic knives should be taken seriously because although lightweight, they'll slice through your fingers before you'd even realize. Avoid using ceramic knives to pry open cans and containers which can result in chipping and definitely do not drop them on any hard surface. Non-reactive and nature-friendly, ceramic is a material worth having in your kitchen Cutlery collection. Keep them with care and worry less about your knives getting rusty and they'll last you a long time to come. 

The Vintage Category

Most silverware that still exists, but hardly ever used, often dates back to the Victorian time. Some of these include available at Ellementry includes 

Baked potato fork: a fork with two prongs ideal for spearing or serving steaming hot baked potatoes. A simpler version of this is still used very occasionally for taking meat off skewers or serving certain kinds of items.

Butter pick: mostly available as an antique, these could be mistaken for a hairpin except for its corkscrew shape at one end. As the name suggests, these could be used to pick up slices of butter.

Food pusher: For the Victorian children who were unable to use their hands and touch their food, the food pusher came in handy to take their food onto the fork before they learned to become more adept at handling Cutlery.

The Eco-Friendly Variety

What's modern-day advancement without some innovation in the way we traditionally make or do things? If we're all striving towards sustainable living and trying to be conscious about the impact our actions and resources make on the environment, it's time to opt for Cutlery that makes it a healthy choice for us and mother earth. 

For the disposable kind that we send or receive from take-outs are generally made of plant starch, compostable wood or recycled content. Ellementry has them in great natural colours and looks quite attractive. Several kinds like those made of wheat straw can be used over a longer period of time and make for great portable Cutlery. They're usually portable and also a great way to ensure that you avoid plastic spoons and forks and become an example for those around you. 

Colourful Cutlery that accentuates your Table

Cutlery today is no longer limited to the usual silverware or stainless steel. With various materials being used to make modern-day Cutlery, manufacturers are coming up with innovative designs and incorporating the unlikeliest of colours to complement the décor of your kitchen. Just like we have fancy dishes, bowls, and glasses, Cutlery too can now be availed in varied hues of orange, red, green or even off-white. Even the stainless steel variety of Cutlery is being transformed with colours so common but those we never thought of before because silver was all that came to mind. Maybe a brighter set of Cutlery would inspire you to chop and cook more often?

Laying a sand coloured table with a set of black stainless steel spoons, forks and knives that accentuate your black ceramic dishes and bowls are a great way to add aesthetic value to your dining room. For those fond of the popular rose gold shade can complement a great set of gold-rimmed chinaware. The opulence of such a set is sure to grab some attention. A shade that was earlier limited to copper can now be found in the reliable stainless steel. 

Lastly, for all the fancy knife users out there and those who wish to invest in a good set, do ensure investing in a well-crafted cutting board as well. Surfaces like ceramic, glass or metal are definitely not suitable for chopping or cutting and they could end up ruining these surfaces. While clean granite kitchen countertops give you ample space for cutting, they're not great for your knives either. While the metallic ones will lose their sharpness, ceramic ones will be prone to chipping and breaking. Investing in a good cutting board keeps your surface clean and Cutlery durable in the long run. Visit to know more about the equipment that you can choose to buy.

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