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Today, our lives are defined with social media. Everything in our lives is already governed, influenced or about to be influenced by social media. Times have changed such that today the food that we eat is less desired for its taste but more for its social media appeal – all food must be presented in a manner which makes it social media worthy, especially Instagram. And why not; after all, good crockery is an investment. So, if you have it, then why not flaunt it?

Remember all those times, when you've paused before eating only to click a picture of your food bowl because it is Instagram worthy and has you drooling over it? The entire thread from how the food sits in the beautifully-crafted bowl and then how the bowl adorns the dining table - can melt your heart. It is no doubt; we eat from our eyes. A good serving bowl deepens our feelings for the food. 

The unique structure, magnificent craft, glow of its texture and the undeniable utility – makes bowls an exemplary element of tableware. So, choose bowls that define your food and appeal to you. Here is our pick on top 5 Instagram worthy bowl designs that your kitchen must-have!

Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic bowls are a must-have in your collection because not only are these bowls beautiful, but they are also very high on utility and thoroughly blend in with any other type of serveware. They can be used to serve soups, fruit salads, curries, nuts, cookies, and more. Keep a handful of those intricately designed, beautifully patterned ceramic bowls in your kitchen and be assured to be telling the source of the bowls to the guests at the end of the dinner. Because, everyone wants just the right piece in their kitchen and ceramic bowls make for a great one, fitting in just the right way. And also, when you place your food in those bowls, don't forget to click pictures because they will flood your Instagram with compliments. You can check Ellementry’s handmade, sustainable ceramic bowl collection; these bowls will swell your heart with pride when they are set on the table.

Wooden Bowls

A type of bowls that is classic and never go out of style – is wooden bowls. Today, the way wood can be crafted and made into enticing designs is just commendable. Moreover, they are easy to maintain, of course, unbreakable and look spectacular. Wooden bowls come in all shapes and sizes; you could either use them to serve the main course or instead dish up starters, pasta, salad, soups, nuts, etc. The simplicity and sheer intricacy of the texture of the wooden bowls will have your singing joyously. So, be sure to add a couple of wooden bowls – both large and small – in your collection. You could shop some of the most elegant wooden bowls from Ellementry's collection. Our wooden bowls are handmade, easy to maintain and sustainable. 

Mosaic Glass Bowls

A perfect blend of intricate and majestic – mosaic glass bowls – can make anyone's eyes sparkle with absolute beauty. A precise and organized assembly of beautiful, coloured glass pieces, stones and other material, a mosaic glass bowl is an ultimate choice. Be sure to have your guests drool over the sheer craft of the bowls and be sharing pictures on Instagram about – how food can touch your soul!

Ellementry offers the finest collection of mosaic glass bowls. Our exquisite platinum glossy mosaic glass bowl is a beautiful fusion of glass and enamel, which sits perfectly on your dining table. The unique size and shape of the bowl also make for a great fruit displayer. It is handmade, sustainable, safe and functionally rich to suit your needs. 

Glass and Aluminium Bowls

The evergreen combination of glass and aluminium is exemplified when they unify to create a bowl that is sure to have the guests clicking pictures of the Instagram worthy design and its usability. The beauty and strength of both materials create a unique design that enriches the entire food presentation. Be sure to check out the brilliant glass and aluminium bowl by Ellementry. Our decorative glass bowl is plated with fine aluminium and delightfully merges with other tableware. Moreover, it is an intricate piece which can also sit independently, as well as can be used as a centre dry fruit display. The handmade design is modern and traditional, with superior utility. 

Metal Bowls

We've been using those classic metal bowls over centuries now but imagine them crafted finely, decorated with enamel and presented in beautiful colours that soothe your eyes. Metal bowls today have raised the bar quite high; not only are they extraordinarily magnificent but utterly useful, unbreakable and come with a host of health benefits. Metals such as copper, silver, brass, etc. have been known to enrich the nutritional value of food. And if you think, metal is dull, you are yet to experience the newly crafted flawless designs and the sparkling shine. You could get metal bowls in all sizes and shapes, use them to serve anything on your menu and have your guests drooling over them. To get some of the finest metal pieces, see Ellementry’s collection of metal bowls crafted with excellence. 

With these five Instagram worthy bowls adorning your kitchen, you'd be making a great investment. The gorgeous bowls help deliver a flawless food presentation. Remember the kind of tableware you keep speaks volumes about the person’s choices and personality. That is why; choose unique and appealing designs from Ellementry that will blend in your tableware with just the right melody. 

You can also check other handmade, high quality, sustainable and flawless serveware types and designs from Ellementry. We offer a wide variety of serveware in balanced colours and exquisite designs. Ellementry’s products are made of durable, eco-friendly materials, have innovative designs with a perfect finish, and are visually appealing, blending both fashion and function delightfully. Ellementry serveware with its intriguing and vibrant hues of gold and silver tones - makes for a rich, classy food presentation. So, it’s about time, you make the right investment and get home some beautiful, Instagram worthy bowls designs

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