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A great way to catch up with the lives of family members is via a family get-together. It strengthens the bond of family and is a great way to reinforce family traditions on the younger ones. And no family get together is complete without a delicious meal. Apart from strengthening the bond, eating a meal together gives the diners the taste of different cuisines. Moreover, to enjoy a delicious meal together, having a perfect set of tableware is necessary. Having a set of serving sets that Ellementry offers make the dining table look even more elegant. Nothing could be more perfect for a family get-together than the Varieties of bowls, platters, wooden roti box and trays from Ellementry. Despite a long list of must-haves mentioned below, five types of bowls will add more charm to the family get together.

Glass Bowls

The most common type of bowl seen in the people’s kitchen is glass bowls. They are easy to use and are great for all purposes. Further, glass bowls can be used in both dishwashers and microwaves without any worry. They come in various designs that are eye-catching and would look beautiful on the dining table. Although the glass looks beautiful, they need to be handled with care. They are quite fragile; thus, you can’t mistreat them.

Also, you would see glass bowls in almost every style. The primary thing to check when purchasing a glass bowl is its material. A suitable material bowl would last for a long time. They being non-conductive are food safe. Buying a glass bowl for your kitchen would be a boon because they are multi-usable. You can use them to mix your stuffings or microwave any dish. They are the most practical bowls and can be used for every purpose. Olio Glass bowls from Ellementry made from mouth-blown glass is a complete hit in most households. Its aqua colour makes it stand out.

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Earthenware or Wooden Bowls

Keeping food in earthenware bowls is a healthy choice. The earthenware bowls are made from terracotta or clay and are jam-packed with nutrients. These bowls are heat resistant. While serving the food item, you won’t feel utensil to be hot. Further, earthen pots are organic and do not release any harmful toxins when exposed to high temperature. They are food-friendly and stove friendly. There is no harm to eat from these directly. The natural insulator properties of wood circulate the heat throughout the utensil.

At the time of planning family get together, try to set curd in an earthenware bowl. The natural curd setter takes away the sourness of it. Various fermented food items can be cooked in earthenware utensils. Also, it adds an earthy flavour to the dish. The bowls are durable and come in various designs and sizes. Don’t hesitate to give an earthy touch to your kitchen with the earthen bowls that can be bought online from Ellementry. Using these bio-degradable and natural bowls would be your first step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Setting up these on your dining table would give a natural touch to it.

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Ceramic Bowls

Across the globe, many people love to use ceramic bowls. At Ellementry these are available in numerous colours, themes, textures and designs. They are widely used for various purposes. We have listed down a few for you:

  • Serving Purpose: At your family together, serving dishes in ceramic bowls would make the plate look more appealing. For any dining table, these bowls add finesse to them. You can serve food, fruit or soup in them. Your guest is going to love eating from these.

    Specially handcrafted ceramic bowls from Ellementry can add a charm of their own to our dining tables. Aqua Rustic ceramic bowl at Ellementry can be paired with pieces of Aqua Rustic collection to give a cool and dynamic look to your table.

Metal Bowls

At Ellementry you get a wide range of metal bowls that can be used to store fruits or vegetables. Matt Silver bowls with a perfect finish are perfect for serving salads or snacks. A fusion of metal and enamel is the pink metal-enamel fusion fruit bowl in medium or large sizes and looks elegant on the table with fresh fruits in it. Copper Hammered metal bowl works wonders for every occasion and can be used every day as it is easy to clean and maintain.

Ecomix Bowls

Food served in ecomix bowls looks nice. And you can serve various dry food items in ecomix bowls like snacks, side dishes, appetizers, and many more.

Recycling and reusing help us make the most of what we've already taken from nature. Much like people, materials have the freedom to be anything they want at any point in their life. Ecomix collection of ellementry like Akoda collection is made of sustainable recycled material. It is eco-friendly and 100% food safe.

In a family get together, serving appetizers in ecomix ware bowls would make your dish look appealing. They are affordable and look beautiful on the table. Thus, owning ecomix bowls would be a fabulous addition to your kitchen.

Owning sustainable and food-friendly cutlery in your kitchen is right for your health and the environment. Your kitchen elements reflect your lifestyle. An organized kitchen with nature-friendly kitchenware is an ideal one. Bowls are an essential tool in any kitchen. They are perfect for all types of occasions like family get-togethers, parties etc.

Thus, having a variety of eco-friendly bowls gives you the ease of storing. Serving your dishes in ceramic, wood, metal and would be a healthy plus beautiful option. The collection of bowls from Ellementry will bring a natural touch to your dining table or centre table and would surely make you healthy and make you feel connected with nature.

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