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The fundamentals of home décor is a dynamic subject, with global trends and décor sensibilities that evolve all the time. So, when you decide to deck up your room, you may consider the following trends and mix them with your tastes and preferences. There is also a constant dilemma when it comes to selecting décor items. Apart from the usual furniture and décor items, identifying a décor that is a truly inspiring and functional addition to your room can be a challenge. Regardless of any space, when you set out to decorate, there are a few essential aspects that should dictate your choice of décor. These include your inner creativity, paying attention to details, choosing the correct colour palette and, of course, avoiding décor faux pas at all costs.


To help inspire you for choosing the right décor for your room decoration, here is a handy list of must-have decor items:

Home Decor Items for your room




Botanical wall art


Botanical interiors have seen a significant increase as a trend in the last few years. Not surprisingly, social media sites have seen botanical 'posts' and 'saves' as one of the most popular trends in home décor ideas. Because of the ever-increasing urban lifestyle, there is an indomitable desire among people to bring nature to their indoor spaces. Adopting the botanical theme doesn't necessarily mean creating a 'jungalow'. Ornamental elements such as wallpapers or wall frames can add a lot of drama and character - particularly when combined with actual indoor plants! These botanical prints make for a gorgeous and versatile visual element to any room – be it your bedroom, foyer or powder room.





Baskets have been a popular room decoration item since time immemorial. Apart from their practical benefits, baskets add a lot of depth and warmth to your room. In many households, baskets have been mainly used for storage purposes and were overlooked as statement pieces. However, you might lose count of the number of décor ideas to come up with using these baskets. From using the basket as planters, accessorizing your walls or simply storing coffee table books in it, the list is endless. Baskets come in numerous types of weaves and material; Ellementry's grey metal baskets are perfect for mixing uniqueness with utility.

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As a famous interior designer puts it aptly, "I like to put a mirror at a dead-end of a hallway, or opposite the window in a window-challenged room. Or to angle a mirror slightly, getting only the light and not the reflection. It's also a classic above the fireplace—because it works."


Mirrors are an integral part of interior design simply because they are functional, practical and decorative. It acts as decorative accents in foyers and drawing room while doubling up the space in smaller rooms. Mirrors act like magic room decoration elements that increase light, space and views.





With a large portion of our daily life spent in office cubicles, our homes must reflect and remind us of nature. And what better way to do so than to decorate your room with plants? Plants make your room lively and fresh, and it does a great job filling up awkward gaps and dead spaces. Indoor plants act as great purifiers, helping us fight the perils of air pollution. Plants add life to your home, no matter what colour scheme you have for your room. Using plants as hanging pots, wall planters, decorated on coffee tables, in bookshelves etc., you can also create your quirky little 'jungalow'. Studies have confirmed that adding plants to your room helps in bringing down anxiety and stress, and it plays a major role in your mental and physical health.



Coffee table


Coffee tables are usually part of a living room or lounge room. However, they can be great accent pieces to create beautiful vignettes for any room. It has a lot of practical uses and is immensely versatile. You can use it to showcase your choicest books, your finest Cubans or just a small artefact that you picked up on your travels. It also acts as an anchor for your ottomans, sofas and armchairs. Although coffee tables rest unassumingly as a part of your room decoration with its utility and elegance, it is one décor item whose absence is noticeable in the first glance.



Accent Lighting


The lighting of the house can make a big difference. From ensuring that natural light comes in aplenty throughout the day to make a cosy environment in the evening, lighting is an essential part of décor. You can make a personal style statement with light fixtures that are sure to leave your guests spellbound - be it with lamps, fairy lights or candles. Besides, rather than going for the predictable overhead lighting, you can mix it up with a variety of sources like pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps etc. and customize their positioning to get a unique accent lighting output. Ellementry has a collection of awe-inspiring table and pendant lamps to choose from, take the relaxed elegance of the pebble pot lamp, for instance!





Rugs are to our homes what shoes are to a well-dressed outfit as they can be a real game-changer in a room's appearance. A well-chosen rug can tie together the room and everything that's in it. Continuing with the shoe analogy, you may end up mixing your tuxedo with flip-flops, by selecting a rug that is not in sync with your room. For example, if your room has many quirky decors, a soothing white rug can be a strange choice. There are many choices in rugs, and they come in all sorts of shapes and designs. You will never run out of options from the cool off-white shaded patterns to wool shag rugs and patchworks to Persians while selecting a rug. Rest assured, there is a rug just for your room decoration!


If you want to give a stamp of uniqueness and originality to your home, you should consider choosing Ellementry for its beautiful range of home decor options. Ellementry's online platform houses carefully curated handcrafted décor items handpicked especially for you. While selecting from Ellementry's decor range, you must pay attention to your room's overall symmetry and try to combine the textures and colours. Room decoration is much like baking a cake, the layering of the decors and accessories can be the masterstroke in bringing out the stellar final look of your room.

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