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Who doesn’t want to stay healthy? In these hard times, staying fit is extremely important. This should not just confine to healthy eating, exercising, and sanitization, but it should extend to food storage, which usually escapes most people’s attention. Food storage deserves more priority in every home. Do you know why? Because proper food storage helps maintain the nutritional content of food items. Besides, it helps keep food clean and fresh. For instance, a good food storage container prevents the entry of bacteria and keeps away mould formation. Hence, investing in quality food containers is of utmost importance.


Nowadays, high-quality food storage containers are readily available. They maintain the freshness such that even the odour remains unchanged. This helps you prepare tasty food while also keeping you healthy.


Healthy living also equates to sustainable choices. With climate change reforming the world, it is high time to shape our lives sustainably. We need to actively start using eco-friendly materials to minimize our impact on the environment. So, how can you achieve both?


Now, you can integrate eco-friendliness with excellent quality in food storage. Some materials offer both these qualities. Do you want to know more about these? The following are a few efficient material choices for food storage containers.



Ceramic Food Storage Containers


If you want an eco-friendly, yet classy material to suit your kitchen aesthetics, ceramics could be your best bet. Ceramic is one of the most hygienic materials used for food storage. There are several reasons behind this.


You can heat ceramic food containers in a microwave oven or using a stove.


They are non-porous, so, the chemicals or microbes will not leak into your food while in storage. Hence, it takes care of the freshness of the stored food. Besides, they have no impact on the environment and are a sustainable choice.


Not only that, but ceramics fit nicely into your kitchen theme. There are ways to integrate them in etched, fancy, or antique designs. You do not have to worry about matching your container aesthetics to your theme.


Ellementry offers elegant and useful ceramic food storage containers.



Glass Food Containers

Glass Food containers


Glass is one of the safest and convenient food storage materials out there.

Most importantly, it offers safe storage. They seal well and are non-porous. This makes the entry of microbes or chemicals impossible. This, in turn, helps preserve the food in all its freshness. Glass withstands both extremes of temperature variation. Therefore, you may use them in an oven or fridge without any worries.


Did you know that Glass is inert in nature? It means it will not react to most chemicals. Hence, you can store both acidic and alkaline food items in glass containers.


Glass does not disappoint nature either, as it is fully sustainable. The best part is, you can also recycle and reuse these containers safely.


Safety also depends on cleanliness. Cleaning glass is an easy task, meaning your food is safe in these containers. With proper maintenance, glass containers can last several years without losing their appeal.


Aesthetically, they are very pleasing. For one, they are transparent, making the different textures and colours of food items visible. The kitchen space will look lively with the right arrangement of glass jars. Your counter will put on a neat and clean appearance with these jars on them.


Ellementry has an impressive collection of glass storage containers. Make sure you check out the options available.



Ecomix Container


At one-time papier mache was used for making jars used for storing grains in villages; today, the craft has many new uses. Destined for cosy catch-ups with friends and family, Akoda is crafted from Ecomix – our very own recipe made from sustainable leftover materials from our crafting units. These containers are handmade, 100% food safe and made from eco-friendly material!



Copper Food Storage Containers


Copper utensils lined the kitchen households from ancient times. Do you know why? Ancient people were aware of copper’s excellent qualities as food storage materials.


For one, copper containers produce positive ions that fight bacteria. They are sturdy materials. Hence, you can easily store items like rice, sugar, or flour in these. As they do not react with foods except fruits, you can keep food fresh inside these. Copper containers are heavy enough to sit on a stove and light enough to lift easily.


The antique appearance is a characteristic of copper containers. They are ideal for vintage-themed kitchens. Furthermore, brushed copper brings a sparkle that spreads to the entire counter. Hence, they offer genuine use as well as style.


You need not worry about compromising your environmental ethics— they are eco-friendly materials.


Are you looking for some elegant copper food storage containers? Look no further. Ellementry offers a variety of copper containers for different tastes.


These days, environmental depletion is happening at an alarming rate. Each of your sustainable choices can make a huge difference. This underlines the importance of choosing the materials described above. They are 100% environment-friendly and safe for food storage. Also, they offer a broad scope of integration into an elegant kitchen counter.


Metal storage jar for kitchen


Food safety is one of the essential brand pillars at Ellementry. We believe that Food safety is all about safe practices, including your ingredients and cooking techniques, cleanliness, and using the right utensils! We make sure our products are ethically crafted with good manufacturing practices. We pay special attention to the quality of materials used to make the product and its finishes. Great products set the stage for your food and don’t force themselves into the act. They only make the food better.


We, at Ellementry, are all about making great products that ensure food safety.

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