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Transforming your home to a splendid bar set up with amazing barware can be challenging as it involves so much effort. But, serving your guests is important as they need to be treated right. Decorating your home requires so much creativity as you need it to match your expectations and taste. Visualize your dreams and choose the items to be added to your home bar that would meet all the needs of the guests. Let them go awe with this more than bar-like set up of your home.

  1. Convert Your Book Bar to a Liquor Storage Unit

This can be excellent hardware as it only requires unwinding your books to retain the space for storing alcohol. A wonderful home bar décor that is created with the least investment which also serves as a home bar furniture.

  1. Liquor Cabinet

This is a simple and less time-consuming do it yourself (DIY) idea to create ample space for stocking the liquors. Your guests are sure to get impressed with this innovative idea of creating hardware at home.

  1. Bottle Cap Backsplash

Use the bottle caps of your wine bottle instead of discarding it into the bin. You can opt to make wonderful home decor with these caps.

  1. Home Bar Designs

Home bar boards awe the guests by welcoming them to your house. These are also helpful in making them aware of who's home they are visiting. Personalize these home bar templates with names to the posters and hang them as wall stickers so that it's visible to the crowd.

  1. Vintage Truck Bar Top

This is a unique idea to reuse the old trucks for the guests as its benefits as a space to sit and have a fun chat. This style also renders a vintage effect to your spacious house.

  1. Whiskey Bottle Lights

Decorate your home bar with a great ambience of whiskey bottle theme décor idea. This will enhance the look of your home bar by delivering the scintillating effect to your home bar.

  1. Wine Bottle Chiller

This is a must-have bar accessory to keep your wine cool. It is an ideal choice for red wine as it keeps any drips from spilling on your countertop.

  1. Record Bar

This creates a perfectly nostalgic look to your home bar by enhancing the look of your home bar.

  1. Cork Candles

This creates a magical effect on your home with bright candles rendering the perfect lighting effect. All you need to have is a vase, few cork candles to store your candles. Create a nice home décor with these stylish pieces of candles.

  1. Fun Wallpaper

If you are someone having an aesthetic taste, then stick wallpapers and stickers all over the home to make it look attractive for the guests. This will create a perfect home-based bar set-up with a furnished look.

  1. Dress up the Butler Pantry

If your home has a butler pantry, then choose to convert it to a bar blissfully. You can embellish the space by sticking beautiful wallpapers, stickers, and vivid theme paints.

  1. Cork Words

Make your DIY images with attractive cork words that make an excellent home décor.

  1. Wicker Baskets

These baskets are an ideal choice for storing napkins, booze bottles, fruits, and other drinks at your comfort.

  1. Booze Drawer

This drawer is a useful storage idea for couples with kids who have children and prefer to keep the alcohol out of reach of them.

  1. Chalk Walks

These are the best planners to set up in the home bar to pen down the drinks you are aiming to offer for the night.

  1. Plants

Plants are an important natural ingredient in drinks and so put the best efforts to create a décor at your home bar with herbs. These herbs can even be mixed with your cocktails to deliver an impeccable taste. Homegrown herbs like basil, mint, rosemary can be infused with the cocktails to make a splendid combination.

  1. Bottle Shelving

A creative idea to create your home bar with bottle shelves to store your liquors. These bottles look attractive when placed in the edges though the stability of these shelves cannot be assured. 

  1. A Big Tv

A TV is a big entertainment for the guests to sit back and watch Caribbean movies of their choice by sipping their favourite alcohol. A big TV wall mounted in a spacious room is a perfect add on to your home bar as it replicates the bar-like environment.

  1. Lit Display Shelves

Transform your home bar into an ideal bar with these illuminating display of liquor bottles. The bottles produce a glimmer effect with changing colours that would draw the attention of the guests.

  1. Giant Bean Bags

Bean bags are very good seating ideas in a home bar as they are flexible enough to accommodate the guests. 

  1. Beer Mugs

A home bar would be incomplete without the presence of beer mugs. There are numerous designs available on the internet. Surf through them and select a design that matches your chosen theme, if any.

  1. Chalkboard Kegerator Fridge

One of the best ideas is to reuse your old refrigerator by converting it to a generator fridge. Add a chalkboard finish to it to make it look furnished and attractive too. This transformation will surprise your guests with your brilliant idea.

  1. Basketball Hoop

Another way to introduce some fun-oriented games in your home bar for the arriving guests would be giving a provision for a basketball hoop. This space is sure to entertain the guests and they would be impressed by it as well.

  1. Liquor Tap

Make a tap like set up in any free space of your home and fix a beer or wine tilted in the tap. Extract your drinks readily from the tap for your guests. This is a brilliant idea to serve your guests instantly just like a bartender would do at a bar. This set up looks trending as well as less time-consuming procedure.

  1. Bottle Opener Coasters

Personalize your bottle opener coasters with your favourite themes to get a nice touch to your home bar guests. You can engrave your preferred initials or names on them that make them wonderful bar decors.

  1. Rocking Whiskey glasses 

Crafted with elegance and a sturdy base, these glasses make a good choice for serving alcohols to the guests. This is because you will never experience a small spill that encourages one to add it to your glassware collection if you are dreaming to transform your home into a bar.


Transform your dreams to reality by building a home bar of your choice that has all essential and stunning barware accessories. Locate the space in your home and plan accordingly with your creative ideas. Choose from a list of accessories available at our store to make a home bar that would entertain the guests. Create a wonderful ambience for them to party hard and give them a good company by spending quality time with them. 

On that note, now that you are aware of the different ways to glam up your home bar, ensure to invest in the right set of barware. you can check out websites like Ellementry for your choice of barware.

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