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When was the last time you thought to impress your guests, or date or have a special dinner date with the significant other? That lemon yellow colour candle matches with indigo printed blue plates, don’t they, imagine? There is a vast number of trendy plates to show off your personality and, ceramic plates can be an excellent option! Some stylish plate design would bring them more close to you or add five starts to that dinner date. 

Ceramic plates 

The ceramic flower printed plates do look good, don’t they? Some of the excellent health benefits of the Ceramic are there would be no trace metals or dangerous chemicals leach from the cooking surface to affect the flavour of the food or your health, no toxic or harsh chemical coating to flake off into your food etc. Some plates design matches with your food and some with the colour of food. The plates are trendy and healthy at the same time. Right from indoor dinner spreads to al fresco meals our plates fit into any purpose.

The history

We started back in 1989 with small industry, then went International in 1996 with a foreign designer and won Top Exporters Trophy in Woodwares in 1997. In 2001-02, we won Top Exporters Trophy in Ceramics & Woodwares, and finally, in 2018, Ellementry is born. There are lots of kitchenware, tableware, décor, furniture etc. to choose from. The ceramic plates are best in trendy plate designs to show off your personality and dinner collection. Our brand idea, the Design Messiah, embodies the simplicity of good design. The primary vision is to provide people with reliable,  simple products with a blend of old techniques and modern design.                        

Core belief

The colours, the burst of patterns, textures and mood is what that’s creates the world of elementary. Our core belief is a juxtaposition of things, and we juxtapose this vibrancy with black & white.

Core values

Our core values are beauty, empathy, integrity and real. The beauty is what you can see from the images and see the colours and design. Empathy is building relationships with customers to not just help ourselves but for them too. Integrity is the truthfulness that you can expect from us, nothing is hidden or come at the cost of human life. Real is, you can touch and feel us and decide what products are suitable for your kitchen and dining table.

The flower printed, the indigo printed, the flawless single white or grey colour, everything is available when you search that is perfect for showing off your personality. 


The philosophy behind is very straightforward, bringing the culture and root to day to day life, because nature would never disappoint us. For us, good design isn’t a privilege, it is customary. Good designs don’t stop at products, it inspires lifestyles. Good design is where nature meets traditions to handcraft beauty which goes beyond sight and found at the intersection of what we see and what we make of it.

Guiding principles

Ellementry has details and every plates, jug and crockery or kitchenware has a story to tell. The designer plates for parties and simple ones for a romantic dinner date, the splashy ones to impress someone and colourful ones for kids, the website has everything for all. The guiding principles are, therefore:

  • To brew the perfect blend of desires and necessities. The products should be shaped with culture, rooted in wisdom and adapted to modern sensibilities.
  • Each of the products has mastered the art of handmade imperfection. Every creation is an expression of love for the environment.
  • The seamless blend of elements that are both sensitive and sensual. The products don’t come at the cost of childhood or the planet.
  • There is a guarantee of safety of your food and the satisfaction of your mind. The products craft a new and mindful vocabulary of design for moments you live in.

Ceramic or clay, we loved playing with them in childhood, didn’t we? Now the earth’s gift has come to help us with décor of the plates-trendy plates designs to show off your personality. The themes are now frequent in our contemporary world, the desire to match the plates with wall design behind, the colour of the sofa to the wall and finally to have some beautiful plates so when the dishes are served, both complement each other. 

Ceramics are classified as non-metallic and inorganic materials which are essential in our daily life. Ceramic shapes are generally made by taking mixtures of clay, earthen elements, powders, and water. Once the ceramic shape you desire has taken form, it’s been put into a high-temperature oven and taken out when the shape is hard. The oven is known as a kiln. The ceramics are often covered in decorative, waterproof, paint-like substances known as glazes. This helps protect the clay inside.  

The craft did right:

 The beauty is done better than seeing. What is done beautifully would look good, no matter what! The designs are always crafted with shine and aesthetic, both keeping in mind. Every creation is a blend of soul and mind! 

The handmade: Every single product is handmade. The way you used to make your clay models! From the moulds to the motifs, artisans put life in every piece. The products aren’t the machine made-perfection but are the celebration of handcrafts!

The fusion: Fusion creates the best of both and enhances utility & beauty. The clay is carefully surrounded with glazes to enhance the beauty and protect it. The glass that is used in product marries the wood. Thus all the products are made while keeping in mind that they have to be purposeful, easier to use and simpler to clean. All long, everything has one main objective of maintaining the food safely.

The sustainable: We should always be thankful for mother nature and that has been imparted to all of us. The products are being made from the resources from nature, and in such a way that doesn’t harm our mother nature. Sustainability is at the heart of our design thinking and none of the products is at the cost of the environment. The processes, materials, designs and ideas are an expression of love to the mother nature.

Form and function: What is a beautiful plate that doesn’t come handy and impresses everyone? Universe has taught has utility and beauty go hand in and we have taken that inspiration to every product that we design. They look good and do good. Every product is thoughtful and intuitive in own unique way.

Cultural revival: Indian culture has talked in every place of the world. We as Indians rejoice our culture and celebrate the roots! So to, not forget that culture and tradition, and even not lack behind in this techy world, the products that we deal with, carefully revive and reimagine traditions. The products learn from the wisdom of the past. The modern-day products bring the wisdom and beauty of culture back to life.

Food safety: There is a fear when taking the first step and only ensured when we can see the practicality of the products. The materials, the process and the design, everything is contributed towards the practicality of the product. Since every artisan personally takes care while carving the ceramic plates, there could be no possibility of harm to the food. The products fulfil their core purpose while retaining their beauty.

With all the values that we follow thus reflects in our products and preparing your next dinner with same would be no harm.

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