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A kitchen clock is as important as ingredients to cook in the kitchen. As cooking demands time management so there is always a need for a clock in the kitchen. Here, at Ellementry, we are available to help you with some unique kitchen clock ideas that can add spark to your kitchen decor. Unique kitchen clocks are the ones that complement your kitchen and goes well with your other kitchen decor items. Some of the Unique ideas are as follows:

  • Fruit shaped clock: Fruit shaped clocks will really work for your kitchen if you will place it on the wall right above the fruit basket. Such kind of arrangement will not only give a unique look to your kitchen decor but also act as a reminder for your fruit-eating time. Various designs are available in the market. For example, mango shaped clock, banana-shaped clock or orange shaped clock. You can choose the fruit of your choice. At Ellementry we have a very unique, pear-shaped wooden clock that will not only go with your fruit basket but also with your wooden cabinets in the kitchen. It is a stylish clock crafted from mango wood. It is a perfect and unique kitchen clock for your kitchen decor.

  • Modern frying pan wall clocks: These are the latest clocks available in the market and looks very unique in your kitchen. From a funky look with an egg cooking in the middle to an inverted antique pan, different varieties are available. You can choose the colour and style-wise that goes well with your kitchen. Such kinds of clock fit well in the kitchen and can be disguising sometimes. From far away it looks like a utensil hanging on the wall.  This is why they are perfect for decor purposes too. 

  • Cutlery clocks: There is a trend of incorporating cutlery in a clock to make it look a unique one. Since spoons and forks are kitchen essentials so such kind of kitchen clocks blends well in the kitchen and can also be used for the dining area. Using such clocks is definitely a good idea for Kitchen decor. Such clocks can also be created if you want to try your hands-on. You just need a small basic clock and some old spoons and forks. Old butter knives can also be used but not the sharp ones. Stick each one of them at the back of the clock. After it’s stuck properly, you can paint it with the colour of your choice. Brown paint with some grey strokes will give it a wooden and antique look. You can also try bright colours if you like multicolour. 

  • Coffee or Tea kitchen clock:  Clocks with a picture in the background always look great and attractive whether its a coffee quote or a coffee mug in the background. It looks vintage with black and white colour. For coffee and tea lovers, this kind of clock can just speak louder.  

  • Ceramic clock: We all have some kind of ceramic crockery in the house and further, ceramic clock when added to the shelf, becomes part of it. Such kitchen clocks are small, cute and pretty. It is one of the best buys for unique kitchen decor. Even if you don’t have ceramic crockery, it will go well with any of the white colour crockeries in your kitchen. Just place it on a dark-coloured wall and enjoy its look. These kinds of kitchen clock brighten ups the kitchen.   
  • Digital clock: We live in a smart world with smart homes and smart kitchens. Then why not a smartwatch in the kitchen? The digital clock comes with a simple and subtle look. Some of them not only show time but also date and temperature. Opting digital clock for your kitchen is a smart way for kitchen decor.  It is the preferable kitchen clock in modern times. Not everyone opts for a clock that works as a decorative piece. Some just choose smart options. 
  • Two-sided train clock: Such clocks are quite preferred these days and are unique undoubtedly. The best part is their style, unlike the other clocks whose backside get stuck to the wall. Choose the light colour ones for your kitchen and place them in such a way that it is visible to the passers-by too. 
  • Metal Clocks: With Roman numerals and antique finish such kitchen clocks complement well antique utensils in the kitchen. Usually, these clocks are see-through and don’t have a background. They can brighten up any dull light-coloured wall of a house. Its colour matches perfectly with furniture in the adjoining dining area. This kind of kitchen clocks is preferred for the combined kitchen and dining
  • Create your own: If you are innovative and want to create a kitchen clock of your own. We are here to help you out with some insane ideas. You can create the best out of waste. Take any old utensils of the house such as a wooden cutting board or a round plate or a tray. Decorate its boundaries with some flowers or paint something in the background. Then add a small clock to it. It is now ready to be hanged. This way you can create a kitchen clock for your kitchen decor. 


These were some of the unique and amazing ideas from us to you for your kitchen decor. Don’t forget to check out our Ellementry website for a unique kitchen clock and other kitchen decors. We are here to help you and make your kitchen a better place. Have a happy kitchen decor

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