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Summer is almost here. Belonging to a southern Asian country, we Indians are used to having hot weather most of the year. It is the most enjoyed season as it is the time to relish flavoured ice-creams, wear those loose comfy clothes, and beat the heat with chilling cool beverages. To drink them in style, Ellementry presents you with some beautiful, handcrafted drinkwares. 

Staying hydrated during the summers is vital. The process is necessary to replace those minerals and vitamins which we lose while sweating. There are many drinks one could indulge in for sweltering summer heat. 

While air-conditioned cafes and coffee shops are quite a hit among youth, there is still no drink better than traditional homemade summer drinks like lassi, lemonade, Aampanna. 

Terracotta Tumbler for Drinking Lassi in Summers

These drinks save our day with their energy-boosting capacity and soul-refreshing flavours. These taste better when served in exquisite drinkwares made from terracotta. It adds additional charms when the glasses are carved and designed by true artisans and made 100% nature friendly only for you. 

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Ellementry offers some unique beverage wares, made of glass and terracotta which are not only perfect for kitchen decor items but also raise the bar of your hospitality as well. It sounds extra charming to know that the glass you hold is uniquely designed and is 100% sustainable. 

Quoise glass tumbler 

Ellementry’s quoise glass tumblers are perfect for serving cold beverages. It is exciting to see those colourful, bubble-blowing cool beverages in them. These mouth-blown artistic glasses are the true expression of indulgence. These are perfect for daily as well as for party purposes. They are also easy to clean. Just a light-handed sponge wipe will make them glow as new every time. 

Quiose Glass Tumbler for Juice or Cocktail


Knurl terracotta tumbler with a wooden lid

Summer in North India is all about freshly made and soul-refreshing Lassi. What is better than drinking this all-time traditional beverage in a vessel that gives you the pleasure same as drinking in “Kullad” made of Indian clay? Ellementry’s terracotta tumblers retain the natural cooling of the drink just like traditional earthen pots. 

These tumblers come with a lid so you can take away your drink in the car, or to your workplace as well. These are 100% sustainable and safe for your food. Each terracotta tumbler adds a statement and raises the bar of your modern lifestyle. They simultaneously revive our old traditional and cultural values. 

Drop Glass water bottle with ceramic stopper 

It is important to stay hydrated in summers. Lack of water in your body can cause nausea, dehydration, and low blood pressure as well. It is recommendable to carry a water bottle with you. To match with your eye-pleasing dressing sense, a normal bottle is efficient enough to kill your look. 

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Ellementry’s drop glass water bottles with a stopper are perfect to flaunt as they fit snugly in your hands. The hand-glazed ceramic stopper eliminates every chance of an accidental spill. These beautiful bottles are eco-friendly and are specially handcrafted for you. 

Terracotta water bottle with sphere stopper 

Remember the good old days of mankind when humans use to beat the heat by drinking water straight from “Matkas.” Ellementry, a brand that laid its foundation on cultural values and environment conservation, introduces terracotta water bottles. 

These could be considered as a modern replica of traditional earthen pots. The bottles are capable of retaining the natural coolness of the water and safe as well. Imagine how exciting would it be to have a modern yet traditional in soul water bottles?  

Summers are the most awaited season. But too much of it may lead to something as serious as heat stroke as well. Your body needs constant energy to keep itself active. Beverages serve the best for this purpose. 

Some instant drinks like lemonade, ice tea, lassi, cold coffee work wonders. So if these drinks are doing so much for you, don’t you think they deserve to be served in beautiful beverage ware? 

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