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The current situation in the country is a state of panic and fear. People are doing everything to save their lives and also of their loved ones. As a result, we have to stay at home and limit our outside movement. 

Many people are working from home, some are staying inside to keep their loved ones healthy, and some are stuck in other cities due to lockdown. As mother’s day is just around the corner, it is quite natural for those who are away to miss the most important person in our lives. 

Celebrating it in person can be daunting for many. To lessen the distance, here is an exciting plan that could be executed virtually with ellementry products. You can meet your mum and spread love and happiness. Enjoy a meal together, talk and share your thoughts and feelings, and do more without leaving your home. 

Kitchenware Products for Mothers

All you need to do is set up a virtual date with the first love of your life. Organising an online brunch or dinner can seem like a daunting task, especially if your mother isn’t tech-savvy. But the key is to plan. 

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There are a lot of things you can do, and ask others near your mom to help. Or you can guide her through and teach her how to set up a video call. This will also work as a great bonding exercise. Once that is done, you can start planning the further steps of the plan, which are listed below. 

Menu Planning

Set up a zoom, FaceTime, whatsapp or any other video call with your mom and enjoy a breakfast with your mother in Aria breakfast set. While enjoying each other’s company, select one of your mother’s best recipes. 

Aria Breakfast Set


Talk about the ingredients and start mixing them to make the dish together while still connected on the video call. A little preparation beforehand is required, like grocery shopping. But if you are running low on certain things, your mum will be able to help you make a delicacy out of it. 

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Table Set Up & Decoration

To make it feel like a real celebration, you will need to set up the table. Decorate it in such a way as if your mother is coming over for a hearty meal. Bring out those stunning cutlery and crockery that will make her feel proud of you.Lit a soothing jade lotus natural soy wax ecomix bowl candle. 

An elaborate setting should be the focus to show her that you are making efforts to make her genuinely happy. After all, mother’s day comes only once a year, and you have to make most of it. You can place a vase and put her favourite flowers in it for that magical touch. 

It's Gift Time!

After you are finished with your meal and have kept the cutlery away, ask her to open up the gift. Now, to complete this step you will need to buy a nice present for her. Shop online from and gift her best homeware products like 

Mother's day gifts


Your gift will be packed in a beautiful, reusable box that she will be delighted to see. Send it straight to her and ask her not to open it until you say so. On the video call, you will be able to see her astonishment and feel delighted. 

Listen, Listen, Listen!

Mothers usually have a lot to say, but we are too busy with our daily lives and hardly give any time to her. So when you are on the call, instead of doing more talking, listen to her. Let her speak her heart out, share our happiness, sadness, insecurities and more with you. 

Don’t be judgemental or temperamental. Patiently listen to everything that she has to say. This small act will give her a lot of happiness. Even the best decor items and dinnerware will not make the heart happier than a child who is there to listen to her. 

Mother’s Day comes only once a year, but motherhood is something that must be celebrated every day, every hour, every second. No more incredible thing walks the earth than a mother. She is an ocean of love, a heaven filled with peace. 

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