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Whether it is the summer season or winters, the human body needs fluids to stay hydrated and maintain optimal health. Everyone knows that body is made up of 70% of water. But maintaining that amount of liquid in the body at all times is a task for most people. Hectic schedules and busy life have changed the way we eat and drink. Luckily, Ellementry is here with its attractive and functional collection of water carafes that one can use to drink more water and stay hydrated.

Sienna Terracotta Carafe


Fryst Glass Carafe With Wooden Lid

Do you wish to stay hydrated but without compromising on style? Do you want your workspace to look attractive with a nice carafe sitting on the wooden table? Then you must invest in a fryst glass carafe with a wooden lid. This handy glass carafe has a wooden knob that makes serving drinks super easy. Add some fruits, herbs and more to give it an elevated appeal. 

Jove Blue Carafe With Tumbler

Many individuals are in the habit of drinking water or any other liquid from a glass or a cup. If you also have such preferences, then go with Jove blue carafe with tumbler to stay hydrated at all times. The carafe size tumbler will hold your drink and its lid is a proper glass that you can use to drink water at any time, no matter where you are. It will be your perfect companion. 

Knurl Terracotta Carafe With Wooden Lid

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly carafe that adds more nutrients to your water when stored in it? Then, you will be certainly like the knurl terracotta carafe with a wooden lid. It is an ode to the traditional earthen pot, and its natural process keeps drink cool at all times, perfectly quenching your thirst. 

Sienna Terracotta Carafe With Lid

Another clay carafe that is worthy to be a part of your dinner table or work table is a sienna terracotta carafe with a lid. Its beautiful colour is complemented by the wooden lid that sits snuggle on the top. You can carry it around with you without worrying about spills. This carafe will also attract a lot of attention from your colleagues or passerby. 

Staying hydrated is important but if it is a daunting task for you, follow the simple ways stated below. 

    •  Flavour It Up

       If you have been trying to drink more water and failing in your attempt, then add some flavour to what you drink. Put clear liquid in your glass carafe and add some fresh fruits, veggie slices like cucumber, ginger, celery or herbs like basil, mint, and lavender. You can make different combinations, but do allow it to steep as that will make every sip even tastier.  

    •  Bottoms Up After Every Bathroom Break

       Another way of drinking more water is by linking it to your most common daily activity, such as going to the bathroom. So, whenever you come back from your bathroom break, drink a glass of H2O. Keep your carafe bottle filled so that it becomes easier for you to keep drinking the water. The more liquid you drink, the more you will need to get up for a bathroom break. 

    •  A Glass Full Before Meal

       Always keep your carafe full and with you so that when you are making your dinner, you can drink a glass or sip while you prepare the meal. If you get up for a snack, drink water before eating something. Heating the food? It is a great opportunity to drink a full glass of water.  

    •  Set Up A Daily Goal

      Many people can establish the habit of drinking water by setting a goal. You can start small like 4-5 glasses a day. When you can meet this goal every day, increase the amount by 7-8 glasses, and soon you will be able to drink more liquid without any goals

    •  Reminder 

       If you can’t keep up with your goal and often forget to drink water, set reminders on your phone. Make sure that the alarm rings after every 2-3 hours. When you have a carafe filled with water in your possession, as soon as the alarm rings, you will be able to chug down a glass, meeting your daily water requirement. 

Follow these tips to ensure that you drink the optimum amount of water every day. Go through the listing of carafes on and choose the one that is best for you. A nice bottle will always assist you in your pursuit to stay hydrated. 

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