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Any dinner date is incomplete without wax filled bowls or candles. Candles on the table is an old concept but accepted happily till date. It has improved over the years with the varieties of candles available in the market. These days people prefer wax-filled bowls to enjoy the mess-free experience. These bowls prevent a mess by holding melted wax as the wick burns down. They are the perfect way to decorate your table as they create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. They are not only easy to use but also look luxurious and royal. 

If you are looking for perfect wax-filled bowls that can add charm to your dinner date then this article is for you. With the help of this information, you will get to know how you can buy a perfect wax-filled bowl. There are varieties of wax filled bowls available in the market. But you need to choose wisely. You need to choose a scent that suits us, the shape of the bowl, size also matters, material, design, and arrangement of the wax-filled bowl. Here we will discuss in detail these important features: 


  • SCENT: We all know that scented candles create pleasing psychological effects that help us feel good. The scented wax filled bowls contain different types of essential oils that release different fragrances in the atmosphere. Each fragrance has its own meaning and in aromatherapy, they are used as per the need of the people. Some of the best-scented ones are as follows:


  • Lavender: Recognized by the purple color, this is one of the best fragrances preferred for dinner date as well as home decor. This scent helps to relieve stress and anxiety. This scent is known for its soothing and relaxing quality.


  • Rose: What can be more romantic than a rose? As roses are the king of romance so is its fragrance. Needless to say, that rose scent is related to the feeling of joy, happiness, love, and hope. Just like lavender, it also gives a calming effect. It's the scent that never goes wrong and will definitely add charm to your dinner table. 



  • Jasmine: Jasmine scent has a calming effect and it is also known for increasing alertness and energy levels. Its fragrance helps to uplift mood and makes you feel better. This fragrance is sure to put you and your partner in a romantic mood. 


  • Vanilla: This is the fragrance chosen by many people. It reminds us of nothing but the cup-cakes. It’s perfect for dessert lovers. Vanilla scented wax-filled bowls are the perfect background for entertainment or a relaxing atmosphere. It is well preferred by those who don't want to go for flowery fragrance.  You must check out the vanilla-scented wax filled jars on Ellementry, they are sure to put you in a romantic mood. 



  • Lemon: Lemon is another preferred fragrance by the people due to its refreshing effects. It can be recognized by its light yellow color and is known for revitalizing body and mind. Those who don't want to go for regular fragrances usually go for this one. 

2) SHAPE AND SIZE: Shapes and sizes are important features while choosing a wax-filled bowl for your dinner date. The size of the bowl should not be very big for your dinner table because it will consume most of the space. However, you can use such big bowls somewhere around you if you want, just not on the table. There are a variety of shapes available too. Such as square, rectangle, heart-shaped, star-shaped, etc. Heart-shaped are the most preferred ones when it comes to romantic dinner dates. So go for it if you find one. Such kinds of wax filled bowls will undoubtedly add charm to your dinner date. Ellementry is the perfect place for you to find different shaped wax filled bowls. 

3) MATERIAL MATTERS: Gone are those days when there was just a transparent glass bowl filled with wax available in the market. Now there are colourful glass bowls too. You can check out on our website Also, there are other materials too. For example, metal, copper, steel, ceramic, etc. You just need to decide what material you want for your bowl. Always choose the material in matching with your crockery or decor around. How about a designer green glass bowl filled wax on a carved wooden table

4) DESIGNS: The outer side of the wax-filled bowl should be a designer one. As the light from the candle flame will fall on it and will enhance its beauty. You can choose the different colours and patterns depending upon the designs available. For instance,  a green and white patterned ceramic wax-filled bowl. It will go perfectly with the green sticks of the rose on your dinner table and hence will add charm to your dinner date. You can also choose your bowl by matching it with the plates or other accessories on the table.  

5) ARRANGEMENT: Arrangement of wax filled bowls plays a crucial role and it's the last step to add charm. They can be arranged in multiple ways. For example, if you have chosen small wax filled bowls then you can use multiple of them and can arrange in a row in the centre of the table or you can arrange them on a wooden stepper by your tableside. You can also try making a platter. Take a wooden tray or a ceramic plate. Add wax filled bowls of three different types on it and place it on the centre of your table.  

These were some of the things which one should keep in mind while choosing the perfect wax filled bowls that can add charm to your dinner date. We hope our ideas will help you to choose, shop and decorate better. Visit Ellementry for trendy wax-bowls that will make your date memorable and worth remembering forever.

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