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Pickle is a tangy and spicy delicacy that is very popular among all Indian households. The variety will shock any foreign man. Every meal is incomplete without it. Pickle raises the overall taste and makes the recipe even better. It is no less than a culinary boon from our ancestors. 

You all must remember your grannies sitting and mixing raw mangoes and spices in oil, and then let it soak in the sun till it gets ready to eat. That waiting period felt like ages. But, the result was always finger-licking. 

As tasty as they taste, they demand a lot of care as well. They have to keep in an airtight container or else they rot. Ellementry will give you many options of beautiful canisters to store them safe and secured. 

Maze Ceramic Pickle Jar

So what kind of jars should one prefer? It is advised to make your pickle live long, use glass and other nature-friendly materials. Glass has been a popular choice over the years. They are found in many colours and sizes. Here are some advantages of using glass as a choice for storing different types of pickles.

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Easy to clean

Glass is a non-porous substance. It resists dirt and gets cleaned very easily. The transparency helps in determining if it needs cleaning or not. Along with cleanliness, it also dries up quickly. 

Keeps the food fresh

Compared to any other products, pickles remain fresh in glass for a longer time. They have been a popular choice since the 1860’s when this tasty side dish was discovered. 

Do not produce any kind of waste

As you can see the state of your pickle clearly through the glass walls, you can quickly put it to use by consuming it immediately if you think it will go bad in the next few days. 

Good for health

Glass surface doesn’t have any toxic element on it. The nutritional level of the edible item inside doesn’t get hampered and remains the same. 

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Environment friendly

They can be recycled and used over and over again. They are highly affordable as well. 

Here are the few Ellementry’s jars that you can use to store your favourite treat. 

Clear glass jar with metal cladding lid small

This beautiful piece is specially handcrafted to make your pickle look more delicious and mouth-watering. It will look elegant on your kitchen’s shelf and will keep your flavoursome achar healthy and edible for a long time. 

Along with serving its purpose effortlessly, it will also upscale your organizational and storage level. Other than pickle, you can keep candies, cookies, pulses, cereals or anything you feel like in it. 

Glass jar with wooden lid set of 4

If you hold the expertise of making more than one type of piccalilli, then this set of 4 will serve you pretty well. You can boast and exhibit your skill in them conveniently. The combination of glass and wood will give an upgrade to your storage routine. 

Glass Jar with Wooden Lid Set of 4


Imagine all your pickles of different vibrant colours stored and kept in your cabinet. There is no harm in showing them off. You can even keep them on your table when dinner is served. Let everyone select their choice of pickle and enjoy the meal. 

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Twigy frosted glass jar with wooden lid

If you are thinking to give a special home to your special tart, then you can use this stylish container. It has a beautiful wooden lid with a metal leaf on top. It is airtight and will keep your pickle away from air. It will adorn your table and kitchen cabinet. 

Tip to keep pickle fresh for a longer period

Put them in an airtight container and keep the jar in a cool place for 4- 5 hours. It will help the flavours to blend well. Use plenty of oil, and always use a dry spoon to take one piece out. 

Shop the best pickle jars from and follow the above mentioned tips when storing some pickles in it. 

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