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A house of their own is one of the biggest dreams almost everyone possesses. That dream is turned into reality by buying a place of their choice and decorating it to reflect their taste and style. Everyone puts in a lot of time and effort to make their house look beautiful with decor and lighting, but some houses look unique and more vibrant than others. What makes some houses more attractive and stand apart from others? 

From the places you visit, the things you see in childhood, many people wish to have somethings at their homes to be reminded of those wonderful memories. What are those things that wanted you to revisit and relieve such moments in places and times? 

The answer to both the questions is the same, the impression of some articles made an effective impact that makes you like the house or a place more than usual. This article or the memories has heightened the beauty of the places and the moments. The detailing and statement furniture pieces add to the beauty of the house. 

There are lots of furniture items available in the market to create a style in house decor from colour palettes, type of furniture to the look you want to create in a house. Various options that can bring in a whole new outlook on the house and elevate the style are :


  • Rugs

  • Wall colouring and decorations

  • Pillows

  • Accessories

With many possibilities in access, accent furniture for your house has been the topmost choice by many people to decorate the house. Let us see what does this accent furniture actually means and how can it heighten the style quotient of the home.  For more variety options to improvise the style of the home check out Ellementry.

What is accent furniture?

Emphasis or stress is the meaning of the word accent, the accent furniture also means the type of furniture that creates an impact and emphasizes on creating a statement to the room it's used in. By choosing the right accent furniture pieces one can definitely add warmth and character to the house decor in creating a beautiful personal style to it. 

Be it the dining area, hall, living room or bedroom, the furniture like tables, chairs, beds, and sofa are the basic furniture the room needs. Accent furniture is those pieces that connect all the items in a room to be together and improvises the whole style of the room. 

A vintage trunk, a zebra print stool, colored corner chair or a patterns fabric storage bench, be it any of the above the accent furniture pieces you choose can complement the room and also add that special interesting element of the whole area.

Why choose accent furniture even after furnishing the house?

The word accent by definition means a distinctive form of impression. Like the accent in music to emphasize a chord or a note, in a language to add character to a person, in words for special pronunciation, the accent furniture makes your home look more lively and visually interesting.

The accent furniture present in every room adds some character, emphasis and give a special style to the house. 

To stylize a room, the accent furniture acts as the perfect accessory that compliments the whole decor with so many options to choose from colors, patterns, textures, and shapes. One can make a creative and artful decision while choosing the accent furniture pieces irrespective of the whole house decor and trend as the accent pieces are timeless and definitely need not match with the existing style of the house. 

Various reasons as to how one can play with colors and patterns while choosing the accent furniture are:

  • Accent furniture can change the look of the whole room in more ways than one can imagine
  • The main motive of the accent furniture is to add for more decorative value and bring the accent factor to the room
  • These furniture pieces can have practical and utilitarian purposes or will just be a stand out decorative piece
  • The accent furniture pieces bring the vibrancy, color, drama, and definition to the home 
  • These are the decor pieces that make out for instant eye candy to the decor of any kind
  • Contemporary, traditional, modern, coastal or industrial, be it any type of look, accent furniture gives you the provision to choose from bigger and unique pieces
  • Accent furniture is very important and functional to bring the whole room together while completing the furniture

What are the most chosen among accent furniture?

Accent furniture plays an important role in changing the entire look of the house. Based on the shape and size of the room, the accent furniture has to be chosen well to brighten up the room. Small tables and benches made of solid wood that is handcrafted from various themes to colors will brighten up any area where they are placed. You can check out accent tables on Ellementry.

Small tables:

One of the simplest and best pieces of accent furniture are the small tables that can be added anywhere and in any room. These small tables present you with the best way to accent the space in a room. Choosing a vibrant color will add a bit of contrast and striking effect along with being functional. 

These small tables can be painted, with bright metallic colored legs, distinctive patterns, or unconventional materials. One can go with similar color material for the take to go along with existing decor or choose an entirely contrast shape and color to give a modern look to the room. 

The small tables are an integral part of furniture that reflects the taste and personal style of the home. The options are just endless to choose from Ellementry.

Wooden benches:

The wooden bench can be one of the many accent furniture pieces that you can add to your home. This bench will be the best idea to spend on based on the room and style you want to create in the home. 

The benches have an attention-drawing power even with it's simplistic and minimal look. Try to find a bench that stands out with its color and style or just do with the one that blends in with the existing outlook of the decor. 

Choose the one that blends or complements the room with the existing furniture. Take the room to a new beauty level by adding a small bench which makes the room look comfortable and functional. The space-saving designs enhance the decor instantly. For wooden benches that go beyond mere functional check out Ellementry.

How to use accent furniture in the house to elevate the style?

Use some stand out designs and models to lighten, brighten and enrich the space in accordance with existing decor. Select and place these accent furniture pieces that can be as focal points in the room that make colourful statements with a functional style to create a new personality to the room. 

Opt for mix and match of different furniture pieces to accent the style of the room for a creative display. Incorporate unique furniture throughout the house to give a new and edgy look to the decor.

You can creatively choose unique pieces, shapes and play with color options to complement the existing decor, and enhance the overall area of the house. You can experiment with innovative themes and new concepts to amplify the beauty of the house. 

Accent furniture pieces provide you the easiest way to transition the existing traditional furnishing into a modern look. With less investment and ease of care and maintenance go for accent furniture pieces to make you live in the latest style of furnishing. Check out Ellementry for such unique and handcrafted accent furniture pieces.

Accent furniture is the perfect way to highlight the personal sense of style and to add that wow factor to any room. Take your home to new stylish heights with unique accent furniture pieces.

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