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Gifting has to be the toughest part of any festival, and the best way to go about picking gifts is to understand the personal preference of the receiver. In classical times, people used to go to the market to buy presents for their friends, relatives, and loved ones to celebrate festivals and momentous moments. 

Presently, thanks to busy schedules, it has become increasingly strenuous for people to go from shop to shop in search of gifts, especially during the festive season when there is hustle-bustle all around. 

In such a scenario, online gifting websites come to the aid and offers you to select from a variety of gift items appropriate for different occasions, and order them online from the comfort of your home. It conserves your effort and time and provides you with a whole world of gifting varieties to choose from.

Since you are looking for ways to go about the festival gifting, one such platform which offers modern gifting collection is Ellementry. With our vast array, you can gift your dear ones handcrafted, personalized, eco- friendly, contemporary, yet culturally entrenched to create the happiness that keeps going on for life.

Ellementry: the ideal place to shop this festive season

We make sure that your friends or relatives do not pass your gifts to someone else as your gifts will enchant them in every way and deliberate on the thoughtfulness of your gift. So, go on our site and witness yourself our gifting collection suitable for all kinds of festivals.

Also, Ellementry brings you the right choice for you and your known ones. Our extensive collection of festive gifting plays a vital role in uplifting the aesthetic value and take care of your reputation in the society. 

Gifts you can carry to any festive occasion.

Set of tea light holders 

The beautifully handcrafted tea light holder set contains five glasses that shimmers with class and elegance. Undoubtedly, this festive gift will win hearts and will be the centre of attraction of any table. It is said that we should always gift something useful, and nothing can be better than this shimmer glass set. Moreover, most of the festive gifts are generic and related to simple store-bought sweets. 

Festivals like Diwali, Dusshera calls for beautiful home decor gift, so why not gift something unique to the receiver who wouldn't want to pass it on further to someone else. So, go and look out this item at Ellementry, we are sure it is an excellent gift for your loved ones. 

Skyscraper bottle and glass set

Who wouldn't love an added bottle in their fridge? Well, we all will do. This Skyscraper Bottle and a set of glass is a handy and magnificent gift that you can give to your dear ones this festive season. 

The glass bottle is ergonomically created to fit compactly and comfortably into your hands. The set includes a beautiful bright green glass bottle stopper that seals your water in, and it also complements the Green Glass. So be it your study table or dining table, this green glass can be your perfect companion. 

Moreover, this isn't too expensive, and they're one of the most highly-rated products available at Ellementry.

Ellementry believes in thoughtful gifting. This gift set is artistic and useful, and it is deliberately packed in an engineered wooden box that is reusable. We believe that gifts don't always have to be expensive, they can be thoughtful, affordable, and fun, and most importantly, still leave a mark on the one receiving it. 

Converse tea set with an engineering box

Couples who are different from each other are often charming because love is all about acknowledging the similarities as well as differences. Our vigilantly handmade Converse Tea Set of 2 cups with 1 Bowl and Platter is based on the same idealogy. 

The outlook of these mugs complements each other beautifully. This Tea Set is the best festive gift for a couple who complete each other. Also, if you want to gain brownie points in your inner social circle with your fab gifting ideas, buy this gorgeous set, you won't regret it.

With Ellementry, you will be spoilt for choices and would love to grab a set for yourself too. Everyone would like to grab their high tea in this elegant cup. These alluring assortments of the converse tea set will surely make your loved ones happy and leave them to feel special on this occasion.

Indigo condiment set

Enhance your dining table decor with Indigo Condiment Set which contains an oil & vinegar holder, salt & pepper & napkin holder - this festive season. It seems glamourous on your dining table or your kitchen counter. The bespoke raindrop patterns and the indigo colours of this hand-painted ceramic collection are the highlights of this masterpiece. 

No matter what the festival is, Ellementry offers an array of options. The Condiment set can be personalized as per request and is delivered in an attractive wooden box, that makes unboxing even more special. 

Monologue tea set

Everyone plans to gift something special and unique to their near and dear ones. But this festive season why not gift yourself an individual item from Ellementry's festive collection. Its time to get your everyday dose of tea with some me-time. This hand-glazed ceramic, Monologue Tea Set is the appropriate festive gift that you can give to yourself this festive season. 

It comes with a Nut Bowl for a side of grabbing and also with a platter that you can use as a tray as well as a plate. Ellementry believes in thoughtful gifting. This gift set is beautiful and beneficial. Additionally, it comes in a thoughtfully packed engineered wooden box that is reusable and eco-friendly.

To conclude, we live in a land of a varied culture where people of different religions and castes live together in love and harmony, and all the festivals work as a glue that holds them together. Gifting ensures mutual trust and bonding that people share. 

To maintain a healthy relationship in society, Ellementry offers a vast and unique collection of handcrafted gifts, ideal for all festivals like Diwali, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Christmas, or New Year.

For all those uncles, aunties, and their children whom you know you will inevitably see during the holidays, you'll find the best gift to offer on our website, so go and check it, we are sure, you'll end up buying one gift for yourself too. 

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