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Can you believe mortar and pestle have been used by Egypt's many centuries back? And the use of mortar and pestle was for medicinal and culinary purposes.


And of course, we Indians love our mortar and pestle to the core. And why not? The kind of flavour it adds to our spices are unmatched. Now, the real deal with them is that there are different types available in the market. You can get mortar and pestle in – wood, glass, marble, ceramic, stone, stainless steel, etc.


But before buying a mortar and pestle, you must be fully aware of which is the best kind of mortar and pestle. Mortar and pestle are usually rough and heavy. But it would help if you did not go for too heavy mortar and pestle. They will be challenging to manage, and can't change the location repeatedly. Also, the ideal mortar and pestle for your house shouldn't be too rough. But make sure that your mortar and pestle are not too smooth; otherwise, it will be quite slippery as well. Now, one of the best parts about mortar and pestle is that they are round in shape. The rounded shape ensures that the product and the water does not spill out. Also, make sure that the mortar and pestle when placed on the ground are stable; if it begins moving, the spice's grinding won't be that easy. So, having a sturdy base is quite important.


When it comes to the pestle, they shouldn't be too narrow. But the grinder shouldn't be too heavy as well. A broader and rounded base is essential when it comes to pestle. A good pestle ensures that the grinding of spices will be comfortable and smooth. Ellementry presents to you its marble mortar and pestle, which is high on style and utility. It has a compact size, which will fit perfectly on your kitchen counter.


The difficult part with every mortar and pestle is that they differ significantly in seasoning. To maintain a mortar and pestle, you need to be fully aware of seasoning that mortar and pestle require.


Now, you might think that what is a seasoning in terms of mortar and pestle. Seasoning means treatment or conditioning of the mortar and pestle to ensure that it stays in the best shape. Seasoning refers to the preparation of the product for the best grinding.


Seasoning is also known as "Cure", "Breaking – in" or "Prepping" in case of mortar and pestle.


Now, the important part is why do we season a new mortar and pestle. The primary reason is that mortar and pestle are made up of organic material, and therefore it is quite porous. Thus, it is the seasoning which makes the spice taste better and grinding better also. Also, seasoning removes all kinds of dirt from the mortar and pestle surface.

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Let's have a closer look at the seasoning process of mortar and pestle –



    • Scrub the surface of mortar and pestle with scrubby brush and air dry. But never use soap on mortar and pestle.


    • Next, season with rice. Before that, turn the rice into the powder form.


    • Then, season your mortar and pestle with spices. Certain Indian spices can also act as a seasoning on the mortar and pestle when formed a paste.


    • Finally, scrub with the brush and then air dry.


    • Your mortar and pestle are ready.



The best technique of seasoning your mortar and pestle


Now, seasoning with mortar and pestle is using your wrist to the best technology. The wrist should make small, and anti-clockwise movements, and then you will be ready to make a paste using the mortar and pestle.


If you are looking to crack something like nuts, then use the mortar. Just make some strong movements on the nut and then it will break automatically.


The stony texture of the mortar and when pressure is applied to the same can achieve the best results. So, now you know how to use the mortar and pestle in the best possible way.



How much time does it take?


Mortar and pestle take only some minutes to grind the spice thoroughly. Once you get enough practice, you will be able only to do the same within a few minutes. And then when you can do the same soon, you will completely love this. Since then, there will be no looking back from mortar and pestle. You will adore it, and it will always be a front runner in your kitchen.

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Storage and upkeep

Types of Mortar and Pestles require seasoning


Mortar and pestle require proper storage and upkeep. You must keep the mortar and pestle in a standing position and hold it against the wall. Since mortar and pestle are quite heavy, it shouldn't be kept at a height. It would help if you keep it against the wall and not on the kitchen floor.


Also, the maintenance of mortar and pestle is quite heavy and not at all difficult. You can easily store it in your home. You need to keep it dry and let it outside in the air before storing. Also, after every grinding process, you need to wash your mortar and pestle with water. This will ensure that your mortar and pestle stay in good shape and can use them for an extended period. Ellementry's products, such as its marble mortar and pestle, have the finest quality and bring up the style quotient of your kitchen up a notch.

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