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The base of a solid relationship is the special moments and time that the couple spends with each other. Research shows that a romantic night renews and strengthens the bond which gradually fades away due to the daily stress of their lives. Candlelight dinner is undoubtedly one of the ideal opportunities to express your emotions and acknowledge your partner’s love for you. 

Romantic dinners are fun and a great way to enrich your romantic partnership. For a flawless date night, it is important to ensure proper arrangements. From crockery to table settings, everything should be perfect. Check the list below if you are looking for some potential ideas and tips for the same.

Add sparkle and glitter to the space using dinnerware.  

Touches of glitter and sparkles add a shiny touch to the romantic night. Refrain from making the space too shiny. Sometimes, less is more. At the same time, you should consider the choice and taste of your partner. To add a touch of glitter to the setting you may either go for a set of a high-spirit brass cocktail glass or a set tallboy brass flute glass by Ellementry. Use the elegance of dinnerware to your advantage.

The idea is to create non-messy arrangements. Just make sure that you use shining bright dinnerware. This will be enough to add glitter to the setting. Even Ellementry’s beautiful napkin holders and napkin rings can help enhance the elegance of the dinner table and set a romantic mood. 

Use candles and pendant lamp to create a romantic setting. 

 Sparkles and candles make a great combination. Also, candlelight is an important element of romantic dinner as it reflects off of the different shiny materials added to the setting. If you are looking for something unique, check out the white marble t-light holder or black marble t-light holder at They are classy and elegant at the same time. Moreover, basic cream or white colours blend with any theme easily. 

Ellementry has many unique Crockeryitems which can be used creatively for the dinner setting. Try tea lights in glass or ceramic bowls to create a dramatic effect. It will give an elegant look to the setting. The lighting effect shouldn’t overpower other elements of the ambience. Use your imagination wisely and carefully make the preparations for your romantic night.

Arrange cotton/linen napkins using napkin rings 

You wouldn’t want to leave your partner amid the dinner just to grab some napkins. You can choose from a great selection of napkins at such as blush linen napkin and royal offwhite cotton napkin. They should be arranged on the table well in advance. 

Put them in a stylish napkin holder of the same brand. Alternatively, you may buy antique silver metal napkin ring, maroon square metal napkin ring or something similar of this kind to enhance the overall charm of the arrangement. 

Use bright colourful plates to add an element of happiness in the atmosphere 

Use happy colours like blush pink and amber to spice up the excitement. Picante ceramic side plates, ceramic dessert plate or amber love ceramic side plates by Ellementry are ideal for a romantic night. However, red is considered as the colour of love but rustic coloured dinnerware too will meet your purpose. 

You don’t need fiery red crockery compulsorily to ignite the feeling of romance on your dinner date. Dinnerware, candles, and other elements are just there to enrich the aura. Everything about the dinner night should be about you and your partner. Simply get the right set of elements, arrange them properly and you are good to go. Be organized and don’t get carried away by the feeling of over excitement. 

Select elegant cutlery and dinnerware, such as gold metal and pink enamel serving set, rose gold metal salad set, modern-style silver brass square butter dish, etc. You can easily find all these items at Avoid unusual patterns, mismatched plates, or bold colours. Make sure all the items of your dinnerware coordinate with each other. 


Add a romantic gesture by scattering some red rose petals around the wax-filled bowl  

Flowers and candles complete each other, but they should not dominate the natural beauty of the setting. To be on the safer side, choose rose petals. Alternatively, you may pick your partner's favourite flowers. Get a wax-filled jar/bowl from Ellementry and scatter petals of the handpicked flowers around it. 

You may also place a flower across the plate of your partner to make him/her feel special. Scatter petals of freshly-cut flowers around the table’s perimeter as well. Also, check out the different collections of dinnerware offered by Ellementry. Their uniquely designed items are perfect for a romantic nightgiven you arrange them wisely. 

Mix-and-match hues and patterns of dinnerware properly

A perfectly matched set of dinnerware is important for a smooth appearance of the arrangement. Don’t refrain from experimenting and trying a different look/setting for your dinner date. Simply ensure the right mix of dinnerware colours and patterns. It will make the atmosphere entertaining and charming.

Start with the selection of dinner plate as the main course will be the king of your dinner date’s menu. Pick a bowl, dessert set, salad set, and soup plates accordingly. Mix and match different crockery items to create an overall uniform look. Find drinkware, cutlery, and barware matching the dinnerware. An assortment of different colours and patterns adds charm to the setting, making it more interesting.

Mix and match the items in a manner that they should seem blended with harmony. If you want to try something bold go for a mix of gold decoration with blue patterns. Choose a contrasting shade of dinnerware for a monotonous toned arrangement. Be careful when mixing patterned dinnerware with a solid colour décor.

The dinnerware pattern shouldn’t give a cluttered look. It should be sophisticated yet appealing to the eyes. A mix of colours and patterns surely enhances the interest of the romantic night. But keep in mind, one wrong choice and you’ll end up creating a mess. So, be considerate and careful when selecting and arranging the dinnerware and décor items. 

Spread a well-ironed table cover to create a fine dining appearance

Avoid using vibrant colours or bold prints linens when arranging the table for your romantic night. Stick with jewel tones or classic neutrals like Ellementry’s Rose patterned classic cotton table cover. Not only do they give a classy and stylish appearance but they also indicate love. 

Natural fringe cotton runner or natural fringe cotton placemat makes a perfect combination with neutral-hued crockery. They are not compulsory additions but they do give a break from ordinary everyday dining. Go for it if you want to make your partner feel special in the best possible manner. 


Concluding Word 

Choosing the right crockery is indeed highly important for a perfect dinner date, but don’t forget to arrange a good meal. Proper selection of dinnerware, your date’s favourite meal, and impressive décor altogether make a memorable romantic dinner. So, don’t let one element overshadow other elements of the setting.   

Always place your bet on something that matches the taste and preferences of your partner. It should be both appealing and cosy. After all, the whole arrangement is to impress your date. Make it a night to remember and cherish lifelong. Visit to some more ideas for a perfect setting.

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