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Relishing on hot chapatis with your favourite dish is a heavenly experience indeed. Chapati making is easier if you have the right set of tools – Chakla and belan. A marble/wooden chakla is one of the essential kitchen elements, especially of an Indian kitchen. It'll help you to make perfect chapatis without creating a mess on your kitchen's countertop. It's a must-have item for easy food preparation.

Benefits of purchasing a marble/wood chakla

Speeds up chapatis making process – Both wooden and marble chaklas are crafted to help the individuals roll the dough with ease and prepare chapatis in no time. It takes basic skills and professional expertise to work with the chakla. The simple design of this kitchen tool makes it a perfect buy for both occasional and regular home chefs.

Versatile – A perfectly designed chakla allows individuals to prepare various items like parathas, poori, and more. You can experiment with your roti/paratha making skills and make your preparations unique.

Eliminates the possibilities of messy countertop- With a chakla, you can keep your kitchen's countertop completely mess-free and clean. You will save a lot of time that may be otherwise required in cleaning after preparing the chapatis.

Easy maintenance and cleaning – Wooden and marble chakla need simple cleaning or maintenance. You may either wipe it off with a damp, cotton cloth or wash it after using some dishwashing detergent and water.

Tips to find the best Chakla for your kitchen

The market has different types of chakla, each featuring different colour, design, and material. Though the purpose of all the chaklas is the same, they differ from each other in terms of quality. Plastic chakla will strain all your energy and force you to spend more time making chapatis as it's tough to spread the dough on it. A good quality chakla is essential for ultimate chapati making experience.

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Listed below are some factors that'll help you in selecting the best chakla for your kitchen:

Material – Today, the market is flooded with chakla made of different materials to meet the diverse preferences of customers. Generally, people focus more on the design and less on the quality of material used. The strength and durability of a chakla depend on the material used to make it.

You can find chaklas made of marble, plastic, or wood. The ones crafted out of wood are ideal for all kinds of kitchen décor. Plus, they are easy to maintain and convenient to use. You'll get similar benefits on choosing a marble chakla-belan. Ellementry offers chakla-belan sets made of wood and marble. They are easy to use and maintain.

It's important to choose a high-density chakla made of teak wood or white marble. These materials prevent the growth of bacteria and eliminate possibilities of dampness on the surface. However, you may need to apply mineral oil/cooking oil/ beeswax to the wooden model to keep it in good condition for the long-term. Plus, this also saves them from warping when washed with water.

On the other hand, plastic chakla aren't eco-friendly or health-friendly like the wooden/marble models. It's best to avoid adding a plastic tool to your cookware. Like the wooden chakla, marble models are hygienic, sturdy and durable. Moreover, marble chakla doesn't warp as it's non-porous.

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Size – There are chaklas of varied sizes available in the market. Large-sized models will facilitate you with a large working area, which means you'll have a generous amount of space to roll out your chapatis. It's best to consider your countertop's size before finalizing the size of your chakla.

The model you pick should be relatively smaller in comparison to the size of the countertop so that it can fit in the space perfectly. With a large-sized chakla, you may not get sufficient space to make the chapatis easily. Ellementry's chakla-belan sets are of the perfect size for daily use.

Stability – Look for a chakla that stays fixed on the surface while you are making chapatis. You'll not want to invest in a model that keeps you on your toes to chase your dough and waste your energy and time in the kitchen. A good quality chakla is stable enough and sticks to the surface. Plus, it offers the benefit of a smooth, flat surface needed for rolling out perfect chapatis.

Look for models featuring non-skid feet as it will keep the chakla in place. Besides, it will reduce the possibilities of sliding. Make sure the feet of your chakla lies evenly on the countertop and withstand the sufficient pressure.

Aesthetic appearance - The aesthetic look of your chakla should match with the décor of your kitchen. Wooden or white marble chakla make a perfect blend with all types of kitchen décor themes though. Amazingly, both wooden and marble chakla have a neutral tone.

The model you choose should enhance the elegance of the cooking space and increase its aesthetic appeal. Pick a model with a sleek design as it offers a professional to the kitchen display.

Final Say

Preparing chapatis for your loved ones can be enjoyable and fun if you have the right chakla-belan set. Though most people use their countertop for making chapatis, they also have to deal with messing up the kitchen.

Define your specific needs when purchasing chakla-belan for your kitchen. The model your pick should be of premium quality, perfect size, convenient to use and easy to maintain. Overall, it offers the support needed to make perfect chapatis. Check out the high-quality chakla-belan sets by Ellementry that comes with a stand to keep the belan.

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