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Being the culinary connoisseur, you go the extra mile to delight your family and guests with tasty and quality food in equally quality dinnerware. And, serving delicious and good food with finesse is an art in itself. Bowls, unquestionably, are an essential and integral part of every kitchen, you can never have too many of these utensils at home, right?

It would be best if you had these for serving, mixing, and preserving cooked food. You have no shortage of options when it comes to this kitchenware. Right from a variety of materials and designs to different shapes and sizes, you’ll surely find something that suits your taste and needs at Ellementry.

At Ellementry, we believe in eco-friendly and sustainable living. Therefore, we have brought you a range of handcrafted bowls that will spruce up the gastronomic zone of your home. We believe in good food that brings along good vibes. And, when you serve the food in bowls crafted from natural and environment-friendly materials, you also send across a very positive message to your body and outside.

Our kitchenware comes from the earth and is designed sophisticatedly to live up to your impeccable taste. And, trust us, there is nothing like owning the best assortment of handmade products for your home and kitchen.

Traditional is the new modern

Decorative bowls made up of wood, glass, or ceramic should always be your go-to thing in your kitchen. These utensils not only make your work easier and food healthier but also adds a rustic touch to the platters and how you serve it. And, if you try to find traditional utensils in your home,

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you will definitely find one, either still being used or sitting proudly at a corner of your kitchen. In fact, in almost every home, you will find something that’s traditional, rustic, yet so very elegant and sophisticated.

No matter if you’ve bought a new home and are still getting the kitchen ready, no matter if you’re renovating the same, choosing the right tools is crucial. And, it goes without saying that you cannot make do without bowls. Although this kind of kitchenware is very basic, at Elementary you will find these in a world of varieties. And, it’s always a good idea to get your kitchen a selection of different types of bowls.

Cooking is all about technique, and some of those techniques work more efficiently in different kinds of bowls. You cannot serve soup or pasta in a mixing bowl, right? So, find yourself a set of bowls for every functionality right from baking to salad and soup serving. Dessert bowls at Ellementry that are made of mango wood, marble, brass or ceramic give a royal touch to your dining table.

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Are you a salad person?

If you are very much a salad person, and like experimenting with different ingredients to satiate your taste buds in the healthiest possible way, ordering those elegant salad and soup bowls from elementary is a must. It’s not that only a salad lover can get these bowls, anyone can. So why wooden bowls make an ideal choice for salads? While bowls made up of other materials are suitable for mixing and all, once you wash them, all the flavors and odors from the last served goodies would go away.

Although retaining flavors from previously cooked or served food is considered to be a bad practice, this practice works wonders for salads. As the wood absorbs the flavours from the ingredients, it adds a subsequent smack to each batch of salad made in there. Wooden salad bowls from Ellementry might be the perfect choice for you as they come in medium and large sizes, we even have a wooden bowl base with glass cloche that can be used for beautifully presenting your appetizers and cut fruits.

Enhance the flavours of your food and your mood with terracotta

We have been using terracotta throughout the pages of history for various purposes like sculpting, pottery, roofing, and of course, cooking. Utensils made from baked earth are considered to be quite healthy and flavor-enhancing. No wonder why, chefs and families across the globe have kept this age-old tradition pretty much alive in various forms, and terracotta bowls are one of them. Ideal for slow cooking over low heat, roasting, simmering, frying, boiling, and baking, you can use terracotta vessels as serveware right from the oven. So, you can cook and serve delicious food without cluttering your kitchen with endless utensils.

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As baked clay pots or bowls distribute heat uniformly, preparing baked items like cakes, cookies, pies, and pizzas in these pots will always turn out to be perfect. Terracotta utensils from Ellementry aid in green cooking, while preserving all the flavours and nutrients. Also, terracotta vessels are great at retaining heat. So, food cooking there remains hot for a long time. Say yes to the greener way of cooking and a wholesome meal with baked clay pots and bowls. Microwave safe Terracotta snack bowl at Ellementry is a perfect companion for evening snacks.

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Versatile and beautiful are the glass bowls

When talking about bowls, you cannot afford to miss glass bowls. Being one of the most useful and versatile options, you can rely on a glass bowl for almost everything from tossing your salad, serving piping hot food to kneading dough. The best part - glass bowls do not retain the color, smell, or flavor of previously served or cooked food. At Ellementry, we have an exquisite collection of glass bowls in different designs and sizes that are handcrafted by our expert artisans with great care and dedication.

Every piece of glass bowl we showcase is a piece of art on its own. If you are looking for an enamel finished serving bowl for that special evening, we have it for you. If you are looking for a wide rim bowl for keeping fruit handy, we have got you covered. And to be true, glass bowls are the need of every home.

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Where nature meets craftsmanship for a sustainable living

We believe that you cannot run out of reasons for why every kitchen should have a quality bowl set because there are many reasons. At Ellementry, we don’t rely on machines; we rely on artists. Each piece available with us is an amalgamation of beauty and craftsmanship.

Whichever product you see on our online retail aisle is handmade. Our artists weave magic with their craftsmanship into whatever we sell. Once you get to see our range of carefully assorted bowls in our bakeware, dinnerware, you will fall for it. Our range of artisanal bowls for serving desserts are a rage at parties as they can be also used as decorative pieces.

We are deeply connected to our roots and believe in sustainability. We learn from nature. We take our inspiration from nature. So, our processes, ideas, designs, and everything are derived from nature, but not at the cost of it.

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