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What is a sugar pot?

A sugar pot, also commonly referred to as a sugar bowl is intended to hold sugar or sugar cubes which are to be served with tea as per the Western tradition of serving teas. A sugar pot is an integral accessory when you are hosting a tea party. It allows people to choose the amount of sugar that they need in their tea or coffee. It also showcases the etiquette of a host. It is considered that a good host will always ensure that the tea is accompanied by a milk pot and sugar pot. Ellementry has both of these products in a variety of range. 

Importance of sugar pots?

Milk and sugar pot is an important tea party element that does not need much explanation. They are small in size, the sugar pot being relatively smaller than the milk pot, as rarely a large amount of sugar is used when you host a tea party.

Sugar can be placed in the bowl shortly before the tea party begins and the milk can be kept refrigerated till you are ready to serve the tea. Sugar and milk pots often come in similar themes like this peach life ceramic sugar pot from Ellementry. You can buy a matching milk pot for the same theme to complete your tea set and add glamour to your ordinary cup of tea.

How to use a sugar pot?

Sugar pots come in a myriad of colours and designs so that you can pick one that suits your needs. In the ideal set up when you host a tea party, the sugar pots are placed close to the teapot.

Some sugar pots come with a lid and the hostess must remove the lid and place the same on the tray right next to the sugar pot just before the tea is ready to be served.

There is also a sugar spoon kept along to add sugar to the teacup, it is not meant for stirring. You can replace the spoon with a tong if you are using sugar cubes in the sugar pot. There can be a couple of fresh lemon wedges in a small plate near the teapot for the guest who wishes to add a dash of lemon to their tea.

Being the host or hostess, it is your responsibility to check and refill the sugar pot occasionally and if necessary.

Sugar pots are made of various materials. You can get them in crystal, ceramic, china, steel or glass. If you are new to tea serving rituals, you can buy a few different ones in varied colours and patterns and use them with your chinaware for holidays and special occasions.

Many experienced tea hosts are enthusiastic over unique sugar pots which are available in different shapes and styles. An attractive sugar pot can add to the mood and theme of your tea party gathering and become the centre of attention.

Hosting the perfect tea party?

A British style tea party may sound like an extravagant and posh affair, but a little planning may make it an easy and inexpensive event.

For an afternoon tea party, the tea is often served from the table where all the equipment can be placed along with the snacks.

If you are, however, planning a formal tea affair, it may need a little more planning than usual. A formal tea is an elegant affair where the guests may be served pastries, finger sandwiches, cookies and assorted nuts. You can use fine quality china and silverware for this. To host a tea party that is more formal, you can draw the curtain, lit a few curtains or set the theme outdoors. The hostess serves the tea for each guest, preparing one according to their taste and adding sugar as requested from the sugar pot.

What accessories do you need for a formal tea party?

  1. Teapot
  2. Sugar pots
  3. A kettle of hot water
  4. Milk pot
  5. Sugar spoons or tongs
  6. Cup and saucer
  7. waste bowl
  8. lemon plate
  9. tea strainer
  10. lemon pick

Why you should have a sugar pot?

  1. Considering the fact that many people are opting for sugar-free teas or tea with lesser sugar, it is ideal to have a sugar pot on the table so the guests can add sugar as per their preference.
  2. Besides adding an aesthetic appearance to your table when you host a tea party, a sugar pot also serves a practical purpose.
  3. A beautiful and well-planned sugar pot can add glamour and a hint of elegance to your tea party
  4. Remaining sugar can be stored in the sugar pot itself to be used for the next tea party since the pot comes with a lid of its own.

How to care for your sugar pots?

Sugar pots, as you can see, are an essential element of your tea party. Whether you are serving tea to your significant other or a group of friends, a sugar pot is truly indispensable.

To have your sugar pot serve you for years and look good on the table, it is important that you care for them. Since most sugar pots are made of ceramic or glass, simply wash them with mild soap and water.

If you are using one made of silver or brass, use a good quality polish to clean them regularly or follow the seller’s instructions. 

What do you think? Are sugar pots worth the investment? How do you take care of sugar pots? Do let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear back!

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