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Akoda Candle Stand Small- Ecomix
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Akoda Candle Stand Large - Ecomix

At Ellementry, we believe that fusing elements enhance beauty and utility, both. Recycling and reusing help us make the most of what we've already taken from nature. Much like people, materials have the freedom to be anything they want at any point in their life. Take old newspapers, for example. Blended with flour and glue, they turn into our papier-mache range that finds meaning in the moulds we give to it. It adorns your living room with traditional patterns that our artists hand-paint. Akoda Collection is a fusion of eco-mix & wood. This fusion not only increases the functionality of the product but gives it a modern aesthetic look. It is as sturdy as it looks. As the brand stands firmly on pillars like sustainability, handmade, fusion, form and function, food-safe, cultural revival, our Akoda collection is a perfect example to fit into all parameters. Papier-mache as a craft goes way back in time. Our artists put their mind and soul in making each piece by hand. One such family of Rajasthan has been doing this art for generations. We are reviving these families and this craft by making this material into beautiful, handmade and purposeful products.   

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