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Blue Meadow

At Ellementry, we believe that fusing elements enhance beauty and utility, both. There are only a few joys that come close to discovering beauty in unlikely places. Our handcrafted ‘Blue Meadow’ collection captures that feeling on your table. They’re handcrafted with ceramic and come with a wooden lid. Hand-painted, not only do they add a pop of blue to your storage space, but ceramic makes them entirely food-safe, and the wooden lid seals the material kept inside securely. From bowls that fit all the sizes and purposes to all you’ll need to lay out a feast, the collection covers everything with a pop of nature and a burst of blue. This collection is entirely food-safe, even the coating it wears inside for the shine is food-safe glazing that conforms with international food safety standards. For example, the Blue Meadow hand-painted ceramic jars are airtight ceramic jars; the best way to prevent humidity from entering your food is to use. Moisture and microbes aren’t your food’s best friends, so ceramic jars paired with wooden lids seal them in safely. This collection includes a chip and dip, a serving bowl, a small bowl, teacups and more.

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