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fleur d'or wooden lazy susan

Fleur D'or

Ellementry as a brand feels that in an increasingly industrialised world, hands stand a very little chance. Handmade’s the only place where a product can be unique, mindful, sustainable and accurate preservation of cultural heritage. Purely rooted in everything by hand, our artists from Rajasthan have brought alive this timeless beauty of nature on wood. When you want to keep the narrative of natural element firmly alive in your everyday life, then Fleur D’Or collection is for you. Much like the miniature paintings in Rajasthan, it hums the notes of nature composed on wood. Our artists lend it hand-painted patterns that are an ode to the beautiful flower on wood — an attractive choice for tableware and Kitchen. Each piece of this collection is purely rooted and coated with 100% food-safe lacquer, handcrafted with love to delight you every day. With the hand-painted flowers, our artists add a coat of culture to any occasion and make a timeless statement in style. From cake stands to platters , this collection has everything you’ll need to host a fare.  

Fleur D'or with Price

Fleur D'or Products Name Price
fleur d'or wooden cutlery stand 1790
fleur d'or wooden salad bowl 1990
fleur d'or wooden platter 2990
fleur d'or wooden tray round 2990
fleur d'or wooden tray rectangle 2790

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