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terracotta sprouter with wooden lid

Every Indian household has grown up with this piece of earth. Terracotta ghadas or roof tiles, our baked earth has sheltered us with goodness. At Ellementry, we bring back culture and age-old traditions passed around the table for generations in our country. And we reimagine them to fit into our everyday lives. Take our Terracotta range for example. As it’s porous, it breathes and keeps anything that it stores fresh. Its alkaline goodness sets thick curd that does well for your gut and makes our bones strong. The good bacteria that it passes on to the curd ease along digestion. And it keeps out excess water. So, what you get is thick curd that does good for you too. Break an everyday pattern and get the curd right with our terracotta curd setters. Sway the winds of our culture back at your tables with our terracotta collection that ranges from curd-setters to sprout makers to water bottles to bakewares.

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