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Furniture & Lighting products range from the lowest price being INR 2750 to the highest price being INR 69900.

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Wooden and Metal Trolly, Centrum coffee table with metal and glass, Kafe Coffee Table With Metal Legs, Farmhouse flair ready-to-assemble bar chair, Farmhouse flair ready-to-assemble pub table, etc are the best selling products in Furniture & Lighting Category.

Explore an extensive range of accent furniture and lighting

Furniture and lighting change the look of the entire home. So, while selecting furniture and various lighting accessories, the shape and size of your space need to be considered. Accessories as simple as a door or drawer knob will brighten up the area so well. Our handcrafted furniture is of solid wood, and it is crafted, keeping in mind the basic principles of Indian home decor that range from themes to colours. With our variety of lamps, we will ensure that you create a beautiful, comfortable, and functional home. You should pay keen attention to different shades and hues' effects before making your lamp and lighting choices. The light should also reflect the overall concept of your home decor. The theme of your home will also influence the type of lighting that you use. Our lamps can be strategically used to brighten or tone down different rooms in the house. You can buy home decor online from here, and we have a variety of Indian home decor starting from kitchen decor, table decor and room decor.

Give your living room a makeover with perfect accent furniture that blends seamlessly with the decor and enhance your room setting. It is effortless to find your home's apt accent furniture from the ellementry handcrafted accent furniture collection. If you still need help picking the right furniture design, you can always drop in at your nearest ellementry store to have a look. Our store manager will also help you choose the right furniture design depending on your requirement.

Need a perfect peg table next to your reading chair? A twine wooden bench with a rack offers generous seating while allowing you to easily organise shoes, bags, or basket on the shelf. A cane craft side table with two removable handwoven cane trays to make your room more beautiful.

Contemporary design accent furniture at the best prices

Accent furniture at ellementry goes beyond mere functionality. It also has a great decorative value above all other considerations. It adds a character to an interior space. You can find an accent furniture collection in a price range that suits you and your home on ellementry, and you can be assured of the highest quality standard that you can trust. Pair it with good lightings like pendant lamp or table lamps that will enhance the look.

Even accent furniture prices, which tend to be extravagant purchases, are now within reach, and the quality craftsmanship will provide your home with an earthy vibe that works with any decor. You will get a peg table, side table, coffee table, wooden cane bench of your choice at ellementry and get the best deals that promise not to be a burden on your wallet. Place an elegant midnight terracotta vase (short) on the side table to enhance your living room's classic look.

Shop accent furniture designs from ellementry online

Contemporary accent furniture design

Are you looking for an accent furniture design that matches your home's modern aesthetics? Designer accent furniture set from ellementry will be perfect. With the broadest range of designer peg table, side table, benches and coffee table, savvy shoppers know that they can find them all at ellementry. The lack of space is no longer a deterrent with the availability of accent furniture. And no need to settle for staid-looking dining furniture anymore, like these handcrafted accent furniture articles, are just a few clicks away.

Designer accent furniture range:

Accent table set designs

The fondest of the moments are made and cherished around a table. Buy side tables online, as these are one of the most elegant ways to beautify your home decor. They will create a style statement for any space. Ellementry brings a furrow peg table set of two that can be used in your living room or as well in your balconies. If you keep it as a bedside table, it will give a charmingly eclectic feel while offering all the same function of your typical nightstand. It is best to keep in your living room as a coffee table, end table, plant stand, or functional footrest stool. It can also be a nightstand in your bedroom. You may also use it as a leisure table on the balcony or outdoor. These are the best when you are hosting a party or having guests at home. In metro cities, where space issue is a big concern in homes, accent tables are the best option. You can use them to play cards, keep refreshment while binge-watching your favourite show or playing a video game. When you have kids at home, side tables come in handy. Explore side tables at ellementry as these tables are the best combination of form and functionality. These handcrafted side tables are curated to blend with your home decor. We have one side table design that is detachable - It is an oak wood table with two removable handwoven cane trays. Place it between two single armchairs or at the corner. It is sturdy enough to hold a lamp or just your cup of tea and a book. It is a useful piece of furniture that you can keep in any room to make it look beautiful.

Latest bench designs

At Ellementry, we believe that beauty is a blend of what looks good and also does good. And that this blend shows up in the most unlikely places. Handcrafted wooden bench online from Ellementry is a sleek, trendy and functional bench. Ellementry is delivering the perfect blend of style and functionality by transforming the humble bench into a comfortable and elegant part of the furniture. A wooden bench can lend a charm to any space and fits well in the home décor as these are multi-faceted and useful in multiple situations. Crafted in the style of the traditional 'charpoy', a type of bench used all over India, it fits right into your home. Your rack is everything you'll need. Use it at the entryway bench to wear shoes, or you can place the bench against a wall. You can use it as a bed bench at the foot of your bed, and you can use it as a window seat too. The old technique of making benches is cane weaving. There was a period when wooden furniture went into different styles from seats and benches, but the use of foam and covers diminished canes' attraction. But adding such a bench to your furniture and keeping it as a centre table or side coffee table will attract others. This does not match with the current trend sofas and seats but has a warmth of the good old days. Ellementry have the best-handcrafted benches as accent furniture for your house.

Accent furniture with minimalistic design

Who doesn't like a clean, calming space without being boring. Here minimalism comes into the picture. At ellementry, you will find thoughtfully created accent furniture that gives you clutter-free spaces and result in more calming and nurturing environments. This is particularly appealing for a living room. The materials and finishes used in our accent furniture are paired with monochrome palettes, allowing the detailing to stand out. This furniture will make your space dynamic.


Lamps are an integral part of home interiors, and the soft glow of a table lamp is very welcoming. If you are looking for a table lamp online, it is better to buy a beautiful and useful lamp. However, design and type may vary depending on the room and size. Buy a table lamp online that creates a little pocket of cosiness. Imagine a wingchair at the corner with a side table — the perfect spot to have your me-time with a book. A beautiful table lamp lit creates cosiness and makes it your corner. Buy bedside table lamp online for both side of the bed so that you don't get into an argument about who will turn off the lights. Pendant lamp online comes in many forms and different decorative styles which can achieve similar practical effects. Pendant lamps are more for the functional type of lighting, but when you buy a pendant lamp from our website, you will realise that our lamps are a perfect mix of form and function. Explore the variety of metal lamp online on our site. And what better welcome than the soft glow of a shaded lamp.

Types of lighting

Pendant lighting

When you start feeling your home dark and dated and to improve the ambience, go for lamps. Yes, light can change the ambience without spending much. Various lamps in the market can make your home look beautiful, comfortable and functional. You should pay keen attention to the effects of different shades and hues before buying hanging lights for living rooms, lamps, and lighting choices. The single hanging light should also reflect the overall concept of your home decor. The theme of your home will also influence the type of lighting that you use. Lamps can be strategically used to brighten or tone down different rooms in the house. Instead of just one lighting source, try to have several light sources, like hanging lights for dining rooms and table lamps throughout the home, to increase the elegant feeling. Go for eco-friendly handcrafted lamps like the gunmetal pendant lamp- flat to add a raw charm to your decor. In a classy setting, go for a grey metal pendant lamp bell that can spell grandeur.

Table lamp

An earthy terracotta table lamp online doesn't just make for excellent ambient lighting but will enhance your home decor with a statement artefact. Yes, light can change the ambience without spending much. You should pay keen attention to the effects of different shades and hues before buying a table lamp for living rooms, lamps, and lighting choices. The light should also reflect the overall concept of your home decor. The theme of your home will also influence the type of lighting that you use. Lamps can be strategically used to brighten or tone down different rooms in the house. Instead of just one lighting source, try to have several light sources; table lamps will increase the elegant feeling throughout the home. Go for eco-friendly handcrafted table lamps like the terracotta lamp to add a raw charm to your decor. In a classy setting, go for a ceramic lamp that can spell grandeur.


The first thing that you touch while entering a room is the doorknob; make a splendid first impression with handcrafted knobs for your beautiful doors. Changing a wooden knob is super-easy and within budget; it is a way to enhance your entire room's appearance. Shop knobs online for your drawers and cupboards, or add them to your kitchen's design. Knobs come in different styles and finishes. You will be amazed to see that our metal knob that can be bought online can make such a drastic change in the look of your doors, cabinet and dressing table. Buy ceramic knobs to make your house look refresh and more attractive within your budget. To make a remarkable impression on your guests, add a natural touch by using decorative knobs with a unique form of art that is aesthetically pleasing and extremely useful. The best part of this makeover is that these knobs do not require any hardware personal. Just purchase, and you can fix it on your drawer, dresser, cabinet, wardrobe, cupboard and almirah. You can use contrasting colour knobs or matching ones; go as creative as you can.