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Frangipani Wooden Candle Holder (Small)

At Ellementry, we believe that beauty is a blend of what looks good and also does good. And that this blend shows up in the most unlikely places. Like these wooden candle holders. Candle stands are a must-have, especially if you enjoy a subtle source of light in your home with the help of candles lights, votive lights and more. Our handcrafted candle stands prevent wax from dripping all over the place while creating interesting decor items for your house. You can keep it on your centre table,corner table or even at the dining table to give as much cosiness as possible to your home or celebrations!They will highlight the natural setting of your garden by beautifully lighting up that space. In fact, place them around any corner or table of the house that you want to highlight subtly. You may use these candle stands to give a stylish touch and brighten the lonely corner of your room or adorn the setting of your centre table.

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