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Ort Ceramic Planter (Tall)
Ljo Ceramic Planter with Stand
Teravak Embossed Planter (Short)
Ort Ceramic Planter (Short)
Midnight Terracotta Vase (Short)
Midnight Terracotta Vase (Tall)
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Calm Face Ceramic Sculpture
Aqua Rustic Ceramic Minikin(small)
Minikin Accent Set of 2
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Frangipani Wooden Candle Holder (Large)
Frangipani Wooden Candle Holder (Small)
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Attar Blue Wax Filled Glass Bowl
Attar Grey Wax Filled Glass Bowl
Mozaic Grey Wax Filled Glass Votive
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Mozaic Blue Wax Filled Glass Votive
AuraMaroon Wax Filled Glass Votive
Mozaic Gold Wax Filled Glass Votive

Table Decor

The decor elements used in the house creates an impression on the guests. The impact and influence of the proper table decoration also plays a significant role in enhancing the mood and set a perfect ambience. Buy table decor from here. You can find stylish handcrafted kitchen decor and home accents for any room of your home. We have a unique range of functional home decor; this is beautiful and useful. Do take a look at our ecomix papier mache fruit bowl that adds a little flourish to your breakfast or evening tea. It is handcrafted and made from recycled paper. Pair it with a white spread to complete its look. Consider placing wooden table decor for a polished finish. Create a warm atmosphere with the wax-filled jars. Buy table decor online to enhance the look of your house. Our products are handcrafted and mostly made from sustainable material like wood, papier mache, metal and more.

Table Decor with Price

Table Decor Products Name Price
silver textured metal platter- large 3050
black textured metal platter- large 3050
Frangipani Wooden Candle Holder (Small) 590
maroon glass bowl- small 2030
blue glass bowl- small 2030

FAQ On Table Decor Products