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AuraMaroon Wax Filled Glass Votive

Wax Filled Votive

Good things often come in small packages just like the votive candle holders. You will find votive candles at Ellementry that will sit well on your dinner table and blends well into the ambience too. They don't get too bright on the eyes and gives the perfect amount of lighting. Imagine the soft and glowing flame creating a mesmerising ambience and add a glowing texture for your special happy moments like a romantic dinner or a house party where jazz music is playing at the background. You may use these candles to give a stylish touch and brighten the lonely corner of your room or adorn the setting of your centre table. These votives are perfect for giving as a housewarming gift to your loved ones. They will look excellent if you keep them near your planters. They will highlight the natural setting of your garden by beautifully lighting up that space. In fact, place them around any corner or table of the house that you want to highlight subtly.  

Wax Filled Votive with Price

Wax Filled Votive Products Name Price
AuraMaroon Wax Filled Glass Votive 490
Mozaic Grey Wax Filled Glass Votive 550
Mozaic Blue Wax Filled Glass Votive 550
Mozaic Gold Wax Filled Glass Votive 550

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