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  • curd setter
  • water bottle
  • glass water dispenser
  • cloche
  • ceramic mug
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  • cutlery stand
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Furrow Peg Table (Large)
Twine Wooden Bench (Blue)
Cane Craft Side Table with Removable Trays
Twine Wooden Bench with Rack (White)

Furniture & Lighting

Furniture and lighting change the look of the entire home. So while selecting furniture and various lighting accessories, the shape and size of your space need to be considered. Accessories as simple as a door or drawer knob will brighten up the area so well. Our handcrafted furniture is of solid wood, and it is crafted, keeping in mind the basic principles of Indian home decor that range from themes to colours. With our variety of lamps, we will ensure that you create a home that is beautiful, comfortable and functional. You should pay keen attention to the effects that different shades and hues have before making your lamp and lighting choices. The light should also reflect the overall concept of your home decor. The theme of your home will also influence the type of lighting that you use. Our lamps can be strategically used to brighten or tone down different rooms in the house. So, you can buy home decor online from here, and we have a variety of Indian home decor starting from kitchen decor, table decor and room decor.

Furniture & Lighting with Price

Furniture & Lighting Products Name Price
grey terracotta oval table lamp with shade 4450
gold metal pendant lamp- narrow 5590
grey metal pendant lamp- narrow 5590
gun metal pendant lamp- wide 5890
gun metal pendant lamp- flat 5890

FAQ On Furniture & Lighting Products