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Accent Tables Under ₹6,500

Furniture can change the look of the entire home. So, while selecting furniture, the shape and size of your space need to be considered. Accessories as simple as a door or drawer knob will brighten up the area so well.

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wood peg table

Accent Tables

Our handcrafted furniture is of solid wood, and it is crafted, keeping in mind the basic principles of Indian home decor that range from themes to colours. The table is an integral part of the furniture, and it is a reflection of your taste and style. Buy a wooden table online from here that can take your room to a new level of beauty and craftsmanship.

Why do you need tables?

So, we know why you need tables in your home. These beautiful furniture pieces at ellementry also define the personality of the house. People like to sit down to read, eat, drink. Your table needs storage space to support this, and there's no place for it except a small and long table. Storage is an integral part of modern living. Not everyone needs a huge dining table to seat large groups of people, and for people like us, who have small rooms and a little space, we are happy with just a little table in our room. You can easily create a wonderful and cosy dining experience in your home just by choosing the right furniture and the right accessories. So, all you need to do is pick a table, storage rack, and décor from the ellementry online store.

The differences between wood and metal

A natural and not an iron cast table top would be ideal for a soft and elegant look. There are many good-looking tables available with the option of being attached to an iron or wooden rail. Natural iron cast with wooden base would be very elegant, very chic and very much in line with the rustic themes of home décor.

What are the three most popular accent tables in a home?

Three accent tables that every home should have are a peg table, nest table and bedside table. It would help if you tried to personalize your space with these three tables.

  • Nest Table: If your room size is limited, a set of nested tables is an effective space-saving technique. You don't have to worry about them taking up valuable floor space. There are an enormous variety of unique styles at ellementry.
  • Peg Table: This simple peg table beautifully complements the sofa sets in your living area. The peg table may support flower vases, books, and magazines on top of it, as well as several other objects. The look is straightforward and elegant, using functionality and style in tandem. Intelligently designed peg tables at ellementry can endure and is aesthetically beautiful.
  • Bedside Table: This could be used as a nightstand or an end table to hold things you need during the night. A convenient place to charge phones and a stunning table lamp is found on the top surface. Two shelves are the perfect place to put all of your books. You can have a look at the doyen bedside table of ellementry.

How to decorate your table

Light It Up with a candlestand or some accent piece Keep your table elegantly decorated by putting a centrepiece. A flower vase with an arrangement of potpourri or a base plant such as ivy will give your table a refreshing effect. Bundle up with some books; if your room lacks accessories, fill them up with books that will bring about a sense of relaxation. You can place any drinkware product at the bedside table. You can also add a drawer or two of such books, with lovely keepsakes in them. No one will ever stop you from having a wonderful home, and even if your space is not that big, you can find the perfect collection of furniture and decor.

Choose the right shape and size for your table

A round table is usually the best for someone who enjoys dining out. Round tables are also more stable and more durable than rectangular or square tables—most people like an oval table for their home décor. A rectangle table is a trendy size among modern furniture designs as it is elegant and can complement any style. Round tables also look elegant and balanced, which helps in uniting different kinds of furniture. A round table is also known as a round-and-rectangle table. An oval table also looks very elegant. If you are looking for a round coffee table worth a fancy price, check out this gorgeous one from allwoodenchair.com. Frame it with a chic candle holder A tabletop or the entire room can be styled with candle holders, even the tables and the doors.

Add some style with accessories

A lot of times, small accents in your home can complete the look and style. Get a wooden tray, an essential part of the home, and keep the cups, glasses, plates, utensils, and other dishes in order. You can make it extra unique with a ceramic bowl to keep potpourri or fruits in your handcrafted tray. Keep things minimal; most of the time, we make everything too fancy and end up with a crowded and cluttered room. Take a step back and let your home feel warm, comforted and intimate. Some of the easiest yet beautiful additions are cutlery stand. They are a great way to add a little decoration to your kitchen.


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Furrow Peg Table (Large) 7690
Modmax Wooden Coffee Table 19900
Doyen Side Table 13400
Soiree Side Table 9900

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wood peg table 6490
Doyen Side Table 13400

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