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  • curd setter
  • water bottle
  • glass water dispenser
  • cloche
  • ceramic mug
  • pasta bowl
  • cutlery stand
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aqua rustic breakfast gift set

The wedding is the most important day for the bride and groom who are going to start their new life together. The wedding gifts thought be thoughtful to shower your love and good wishes on the newly married couple. Couple wedding gifts in India should be classics, and there is a reason behind it. Classic is something we all love as much as our parents and grandparents did. Wedding gifts are things that should bring a little joy to their lives every day. Ellementry is a handcrafted lifestyle brand that creates beautiful and useful products to make every day attractive. It should align with their interests and passions. Like for a cooking couple”, a ceramic baking dish is one of the best gifts. They’ll be surprised how much use they get out of it for years to come. Indian wedding gift for a friend can be our cake stands made up of mixed materials. They can be used for other things too like one can put t-light candles on it, and use it as a centrepiece for the romantic dinners.

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