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white wood shelf- large


Kitchen is the heart of the home and the hub of the activities. From being a place to converse while making a steaming cup of tea or brewing coffee to using bakeware for baking cakes or cookies for the kids, it is undoubtedly a place that is used the most and to try out new dishes. Whether you are baking a cake in your new terracotta or ceramic bakeware, you will need mitts and potholders. When you are happy, you will cook something good to celebrate, when you are not well you will find your home remedies in the kitchen. All this and more makes the kitchen one of the essential parts of the house. Therefore, calling the kitchen the heart of your home is not an overstatement. Our beautifully handcrafted kitchenware category is the perfect conversation starter. Whether you're slicing vegetables or any chopping activity for cooking, a good quality chopping board is essential to have in your kitchen. Used for centuries crushing mortars and pestles are another kitchen staple to grind and crush spices and herbs. From sauces to soups, marinades to salad dressings, a quality mortar and pestle will enhance your cooking flavors. Be it bakeware, cookware, utilities, organizers, linen, or accessories, and we have it all. What goes where?' is the most crucial question, even more so for kitchens. Everything has its right place, strategically decided depending on its function. And if you don't take storage seriously, it can either make or break it for you in the kitchen. Even our ceramic jars, beautifully hand-painted and paired with wood, make a statement and store food safely. And a conversation about good storage isn't complete without the kitchen rack and shelf that makes the most of the space given to it. The handcrafted kitchen organizer makes life more comfortable while blending beautifully into it.

Kitchenware Items with Price

Kitchenware Products Name Price
Maze Ceramic Jar with Wooden Lid (White) 750
blue wood utensil holder 890
white wood shelf- large 4490
teak wood scooper medium 390
white wooden rack and shelf- large 3790

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