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Sienna Terracotta Bowl
Best Seller
Upper Crust Ceramic Ramekin


Sweet nothings. Savoury starts. And it all begins with baking. Even if you are dabbling in the art of bakery, you need to know about the essential dishes of kitchen bakeware like a cake pan, muffin tray, loaf pan, mixing bowls, and more. With time and experience, you will become more pro, and you may use more bakeware dishes. For example, other containers may be ramekin, tart dish and more. Initially, you try ceramic bakeware that is easy to clean and easy to use. Besides, food in a ceramic dish is incredibly delicious. Our Ceramic bakeware collection like Upper Crust and Mano Collection is perfect for baking as well as serving. For example, the Upper Crust mixing bowls are decorated with a floral motif, this pleasing blue mixing bowl is as good for mixing up a (cake) storm for serving a bowlful of custard kheer. The terracotta bakeware brings a classic touch to your baking. Besides being sustainable bakeware, it distributes heat evenly, helping your baked dishes become perfectly cooked. Baking cake in terracotta is perfect for achieving delicious, tender, and full-flavoured baked goodies. The cookware should be heated gradually to attain the desired temperature. This way, the cake comes out evenly done and very moist. Our food-safe bakeware isn't just a promise, and it's essential as all of our cookware and serveware products meet international food-safety standards. It is always advisable to go for good quality kitchen bakeware so that you will bake with pleasure and serve with pleasure. If you follow the care instructions correctly, then your bakeware dishes will last longer. For example, for our terracotta bakeware collection like Sienna Bakeware Collection, don't use abrasive bacterial for cleaning, wash it with a mild detergent. Dry it off completely before storing or using.

Bakeware Items with Price

Bakeware Products Name Price
terracotta baking dish 1090
Upper Crust Ceramic Mixing Bowl- Medium 1290
Upper Crust Ceramic Ramekin 250
mano ceramic round tart dish 1990
Upper Crust Ceramic Tart Dish 1250

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