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In Teak Wooden Belan with Stand

There are traditions that are passed down generations as written records. They can be read, learned and practised for years and years. Then there are traditions that are whispered, one generation to another. From parent to child, grandparents to grandchildren. These become cultural hand-me-downs and the art of roti-making is one such thing. For years, Indian households have known to make rotis and to keep them round. And such a traditional deserves something that can be passed down too. A kitchen heirloom. Meet our rolling pin and board. It comes with a wooden belan and a trendy brand belan stand to go along with it. So you don't need to worry about the belan rolling off as you give your rotis the perfect simmer. So when you go shopping for rolling pin, ask yourself the question, does it come with a stand? The wooden belan is also ergonomically designed, so it's just the right shape and size to let you seamlessly dish out round rotis.  Buy a wooden rolling pin online at ellementry.com. We reimagine traditions and shape them to fit your every day.

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In Teak Wooden Belan with Stand 1190

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In Teak Wooden Belan with Stand 1190

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