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White Marble Chakla Belan with Stand

Some preparations don't have a set recipe or a hand guide that we can follow to perfect them. They are traditions passed down generations, one person to another. Making rotis is one of them. It's not something that's best learned off the internet. But for generations, mothers have stood tall over their children, helping them perfect the roundness. And if making roti is a tradition, it doesn't deserve just any other chakla belan. It deserves one that gets passed down with the tradition. A kitchen heirloom. Our chakla belan sets are examples of these. Wooden chakla belan is probably the most staple thing in the Indian kitchen. Paired with a trendy brand belan stand, we've given it a purposeful contemporary twist. Now you don't need to worry about the belan rolling off as you give your rotis a fine simmer. And you if you’ve wondered which other material fits perfectly for chakla belan? Then marble is your answer.  A marble chakla belan is as trendy as it is timeless. You can buy wooden chakla belan online and marble chakla belan online at ellementry.com. We reimagine tradition and shape it to fit your every day.

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